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Anyway on topic: Split/Second seems like a lot of fun, I played the demo and what they showed at PAX East. I'll probably pick it up after it drops in price with Alan Wake, SMG2 and 3D Dot Game Heroes out.

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God. Damn.

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ooo this looks interesting

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it's a fun mode :) been itching to talk about it to people for ages! 

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too slow :(
But interesting game

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Pre-order bonus did it for me - better than Blur? Not sure about longevity though.
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Video posted by mattbodega? That name sounds familiar...

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The sooner they remove this quest the better. Before this quest the comment section was actually a good forum for discussion. Now you have to wade through 20-30 comments trying to get first post :s
Yes, I am jelous I didn't get it.

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Probably the coolest game modes I've seen in the past 3 years.

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@gosukiller said:
" The sooner they remove this quest the better. Before this quest the comment section was actually a good forum for discussion. Now you have to wade through 20-30 comments trying to get first post :s  Yes, I am jelous I didn't get it. "
I actually find myself clicking on videos I normally wouldn't just to try and get the quest. Then I watch the video. So I suppose that is one benefit of the stupid thing. Oh yes, that voice over guy was lame as hell, "So fasten your seatbelts!". Urgh.
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So is this game called Split Second, Split/Second, or Split>>Second?

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Hmmm. This seems like it will either be way too frustrating or way too easy. Something like this seems hard to balance for all players. Hopefully it doesn't immediately bring back Stuntman memories.

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What IS it with Helicopters?

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Man, that Q**** has made all the early comments for everything compelling viewing. I haven't watched the video & I'm never going to.

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More Helicopters. Alright!

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Looks good. I guess Blur has some competition

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Seems like these modes would get old quickly.

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I really want this game to be good, please be good!

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Split-Second hates helicopters too apparently.

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  I still havent seen enough diversity in this game for me to want to buy it.    

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I've said it before, I'll say it again - Racing GOTY.
I wonder what the Giant Bomb's 2010 Game Award category will be called that will classify Split/Second the winner.

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Game still looks like it'd be a lot of fun but for me on getting rid of helicopters, those evil damn helicopters, I want 50 Cent to photobomb the screen at a certain point then have missiles (aimed at the helicopter) spawn from all over to kill it. Better still would be some type of Monty Python animation style where 50 Cent's hat would just hinge open with stacks of missiles inside to launch at the helicopter. Either way would be better than just racing over orbs.

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 NASCAR would get record setting ratings if it involved helicopters shooting missiles at cars.

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Why did Matt Bodega post this video?...

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haha, finally a racing game where you can fight choppers  :D

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@Milkman: He's an intern for Whiskey now.
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These races seem awfully unsafe.

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Hellya, split second hates helicopters too 

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This is perfect training for Ryan's Helicoptocalypse.

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Helicopters, eh. Only a purchase if it has ZOMBIES

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@Meatsim:  best show idea ever
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I just played the demo and couldn't stop playing it over and over until it wouldn't let me play anymore.  Just one level and one car and I couldn't stop playing.  Fuck I want this game bad.
Between this and Blur at long last I have a couple of new racing games to sink countless hours in to, not since late 08 has their been such a game for me, let alone 2.

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For anyone in the UK and want this for PC you can only pre-order it from Direct 2 Drive. That's why it's not listed at any store.
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Still don't know about this game. The demo was pretty damn lackluster IMO while the Blur multiplayer demo/beta seemed a lot more fun to me.

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Looks awesome!

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Looks awesome, reminds me a bit of the helicopter section from Half-life 2.

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Looks fun! I'd rent it at least.

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