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Posted by Skanes

Someone kickstart a new Blair Witch game or not nevermind okay

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The next gen is truly here.

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

@skanes said:

Someone kickstart a new Blair Witch game or not nevermind okay

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1994??? duder! :)

Posted by defcomm

Thanks, I'll check this out later.

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Really glad Spookin' is earlier in the day because I can finally watch it live now, living in Europe.

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Can't wait to watch this! I always miss it live... (for me it was 01:00 am)

Posted by cooljammer00

So the end of Shocktober means no more spooky gifs?

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

That audio analysis was actually really cool. Glad this game isn't entirely ghost scorpions.

Posted by cooljammer00
Posted by cooljammer00

Teasing Backflips and Blair Witches?

Posted by heatDrive88

Goddamn, this game is amazing.

Posted by ZeroV2

"I can't remember where I went but GOOD LUCK :D"

"Thanks game.....faqs.."

Posted by Draxyle

What hurts about this game is that there's some actual effort and moments of brilliance here and there. If you cut out the entire abysmal tutorial section and replace the protagonist with someone who isn't an emotionless secret agent, this might actually be an okay experience.

Keep it up, Scoops. I'd love to see this game played through to the end.

Posted by RobertOrri

The part where he ends up getting "back to town" after the long run is just the best.

Posted by development

The scorpions and sea monsters were hands-down my favorite parts of the movie.

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Damn, first Spookin' I've missed live for months. Gonna check it out now!

Posted by L44

Was looking forward to this

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Am I going to prison for watching this? :(

Posted by foomanfat

Patrick's victory song is apparently the Sanford And Son theme.

Posted by MeatSim

Shocktober doesn't end till the Blair Witch game ends.

Posted by BisonHero

@cooljammer00 said:

@pilgrimm1981 said:

1994??? duder! :)

Yeah, that's pretty funny considering how much @patrickklepek knows about the movie.

You guys are right, that part was funny.

Even if he forgot when the movie came out, he always recounts that the movie made him terrified of the woods for like an entire summer, and you'd think he would've remembered that he saw the movie in his teen years, and not 1994 when he was 9 years old.

Though yes, this game does kind of look like ass.

Posted by BisonHero

@foomanfat said:

Patrick's victory song is apparently the Sanford And Son theme.

Haha, yeah, I love that he defaults to that every time.

Posted by Flexy5

Damn my luck. I couldn't watch the late Spookin' shows because I had to get up early for work. Now the same week I move to second shift, the show gets moved to my start time :(

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Again with the Starcraft start-up music.

Posted by Corwag

I hope Patrick does indeed take a look at the rest of the trilogy. If the first game is this insane, it can only get better...in the awful way.

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Apparently the other two Blair Witch games are by different developers, so I'm interested in seeing what those are like.

Posted by BluPotato

So Pat is secretly doing an Endurance Run on the Blair Witch

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Posted by Ngunkuru

That ending, nooopppee.

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lol wtf was that thing at the end?

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@arbitrarywater said:

Apparently the other two Blair Witch games are by different developers, so I'm interested in seeing what those are like.

It's really crazy to me that this first Blair Witch game is literally a sequel to the developer's previous game, Nocturne (hence the .noc save files). Like, the fact that they cleared that no problem with the publisher/studio (film maker certainly was nowhere near this game) is kind of hilarious.

It explains why a Blair Witch game has fuckin' Spookhouse and The Stranger in it, though it doesn't make it any less fucking weird and incongruous with the movies. The Stranger was the main character of the previous game, which explains why he's kind of a tough guy asshole.

Also, man, have you seen Terminal Reality's other games? JESUS. I had no idea the same studio responsible for this Blair Witch game was also responsible for BloodRayne, Kinect Star Wars, and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. To their credit, they also made that Ghostbusters game in 2009 that was actually kind of...OK?

For the brief period I considered getting into game development, I basically talked myself out of it by thinking "What if the only place I can get a job is at some developer who is Terminal Reality-tier?" [OK, I probably used a different bad dev example in my mind at the time.] Also it turns out I don't like coding all that much. I'm sure Terminal Reality is given poor budget/unrealistic expectations/rushed timeframes for a lot of these bad games and they do the best they can, but man, how depressing must it be for anyone who is a long-time employee at that studio?

Posted by MasterVerhoffin

I think "WHY IS THERE A SCORPIOOOONNNN?!" might be my new favorite Patrick moment. Up there with the cyber-raptor at least.

Posted by automatontribe

What the hell is up with that terrifying face at the end? Where's it from?

Posted by DrBeardface

@patrickklepek I'm catching up on old Spookins. Where do you find all these creepy as hell gifs? This last one actually made me shudder when I saw it.
Also, I'd like to propose too late that you call the Blair Witch episodes 'Spookin in the Spookhouse- with Scoops'.