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seems ok... let's see how it turns out...

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This game looks okayish.

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lol Ryan Davis, you're a trooper...

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If they had the sharing capabilities of the PC version of the game they'd be shouting it from the rooftops, I'm sure that if the Wii would let them they'd have all of the content from the PC version compatible with the Wii version too

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I'm very sad they destroyed any kind of biological educational stuff in it that was original intended for this game. The scientific stuff that could have been useful to teach children was a great potential for the game, but "the cute marketing team" terminated everything and replaced it with this complete piece of crap and mild humor. 

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Where is the City and the Isle? ..... Where is the Tower I was building?... They have passed, like rain on the mountains.... like wind in the meadow.  The days have gone down at Maxis, down with Spore.... into shadow....

How did it come to this?  *sheds a silent tear for Maxis*

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something to finally use my wii for

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Try not to say that phrase too often or in public.
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i think its hilarious how they cant do ports to the wii so they make gimped versions of the same game and add on something to the name or change the name slightly.

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Abrupt ending much?

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This looks horrible. Anything that even remotely tones Spore down is going to be crummy, because Spore is teetering on the edge of Awesome and Bad.

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"We're not talking a lot about the sharing." = there is none

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Talk about a silver fox!!

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Call me prejudice but if a game's PR rep is a 50+ year old woman, I'm probably not interested. 

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Yea I can already tell your gonna wanna play the PC version over the DS and Wii version, well me personally anyway.

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'"We're not talking a lot about the sharing." = there is none'

= "
If the Wii got infected with cock monsters, Nintendo would kill us in our sleep."
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I'm going to continue boycotting the Spore franchise.  Fuck DRM.

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so, find out more at e3

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why does the wii hurt me so

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The saddest part is that this game could actually be better than the real Spore.

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Go back and rewatch this video, paying attention to Ryan's mic's distance from his face, and then compare to where her mic is in comparison.  I don't wanna say that Ryan was definitely nervous around her but...I'm going to go on a limb and speculate it.

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i dont care about this game whatsoever....but DAMN,...i think i have a major crush on Lucy Bradshaw, she looks like a classy lady, if only i lived in USA and a million other things...LOL

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Spore Hero?? Crappy name.

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The new Spore for the DS definitely looks better than the previous version on the DS, in my opinion. I thought the Wii one is looked pretty good, hopefully it will turn out to be as good as the PC version.

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LOL Why is Ryan holding the mic so high?  He could scratch his forehead with the mic doing that.

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Milkmanis online
on May 13, 2009
Call me prejudice but if a game's PR rep is a 50+ year old woman, I'm probably not interested.

your prejudice

and this game would prob suit the wii
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i don't think she's 50

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It's not a port of Spore. It's just a spin-off of two new games exploiting the Spore franchise. I wonder if they'll do something similar for the 360/PS3 or do they plan on snubbing Sorny & Mr. Softy consoles?

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Spore should've been on the Wii in the first place, PC was definitely not a good platform choice. It also looks like they did the sensible thing and tightened it up, made it less ambitious and focused on the strengths - creature creation and fighting. The PC version was a disjointed assembly of half-games with a quixotic focus on UGC.

I doubt I'll find time for the Wii version, but I welcome their approach.

@TheFrostedGamer: Ryan's held mics like that since the gamespot days. I believe he's spoken to ladies before as well.

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that chick so wanted to bone ryan

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Women and video games are virtually synonymous.

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I don't thinkt he PR rep was over 50. I think that blue light in there was making her light hair color look grey. I'd put her in her late 30's?
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Hiya Lucy...

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That's not just a PR rep, Lucy's been attached to the Spore project for years. Whatever "general manager at Maxis" means, it could be brand manager or god knows what in their complex corporate ecosystem. If I had to take a guess, 'The Sims' and 'Spore' would logically both be under the general manager of Maxis, so it's no surprise they're yanking out components of Spore and crapping it onto a console system, just like they did with The Sims.

Was there a single Sims for console that wasn't a drastically inferior or limited, hollow shell of the real thing?

I hope EA's thrall-studios stop making such a glut of craptastic bait-and-switch titles, now that EA is losing money hand over fist. Then again, that wouldn't really correlate, corporate CEO's go by the guiding principle that marketing = profit, good game = loss... they'll probably just close down Maxis and Lionhead, and other studios that dream a little too big to be economical, and offshore their franchises to foreign, budget studios.

I've learned over the years that assuming the worst with EA is the most realistic way to go.

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right, great thank you-

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he said 50 plus. i would agree with his estimation. she looks at least 45 here.


it just looks super high in contrast to hers. she holds it low like a public speaker, he holds it high like an announcer. but with a mic like that it should be held low, unlike the podcast mics.