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Sure, why not? I don't play games on my PC as much nowerdays, so if this works out that'd be great.

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I'm still waiting on a multiplayer version for the pc!

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I thought they forgot about the wii, good thing they're not!

Posted by ShadowVirus

Never played Spore for the PC, so this might be my chance to play it if it's any good.

Posted by ANDYx0WNEDxU

why not i guess

Posted by Blomakrans

That sucked IMO.

Posted by AndrewB

Why is it too hard to make Spore, in its entirety, on the Wii? There is no foreseeable technical limitation. If the Wii can't handle the somewhat simple (by today's standards) graphics, tone them down a notch; but of any of the current systems out there, the Wii should have the least trouble transferring the mouse/keyboard-centric controls over.

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EA is milking this for all it's worth like the Sims.

Posted by TehPickle

They could've just ported Spore from the PC without the obnoxious DRM... But no...

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Well that was pretty conclusive eh?

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this looks awful.

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Wow, so instead of this, they could have just as easily worked on a patch to fix their critical bugs in the REAL Spore.
Maxis just failed miserably. Will Wright is probably crying right now.