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Posted by natural_deadhead

This game comes out on my birthday

Posted by Ineedaname

Matt Beans makes coffee, coffee beans.... why do I bother...

Posted by EndrzGame

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in that room. Looks like a blast.

Posted by raidingkvatch

damn, no Seth Green

Posted by Kyle

Okay... I have no idea what they were doing cause they didn't explain at all, but... sure...

Posted by MeatSim

The last time I saw Breckin Meyers was in Rat Race

Posted by Kyle
Ineedaname said:
Matt Beans makes coffee, coffee beans.... why do I bother...
I see what you did there.
Posted by Cerza

Looks like they are having a good time. The game itself does nothing for me though. I dunno what it is about Spore, but I look at it and just go "meh."

Posted by rmoe
Kyle said:
Ineedaname said: Matt Beans makes coffee, coffee beans.... why do I bother... I see what you did there. [more]
What???? i dont get it????  cmon guys, what did you do there?
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LOL That was the shit!

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now thats funny

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wtf was at the end there? seriously

Posted by Alphazero

Seth Green might have been there. He's very tiny.

He could be in the room with you *right now*.

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I was looking for Seth Green at the beginning of the video, I'm glad they mentioned he wasn't showing up or I would've been confused.

I think this video restored my faith in Spore.  Actually, no.  The name of the link http://sporewtf.com/ restored my faith in Spore.

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Regardless of your opinions on Seth Green, Breckin Meyer is cool.

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The banana one is clearly the best. Poo games? No. Not a chance.

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Cool it will be a 15-minute campaign of farting and kicking things in the groin. JUST LIKE REAL ROBOT CHICKEN.

Posted by Babylonian
@KairuDeLarge: Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking.

I guess it's a relief to finally know that the Robot Chicken writers are every bit as middle-aged, overweight, and unfunny as I expected.
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Wow...that was excellent. That writing staff seems like an awesome group to hang out with, and complete disaster if you're trying to make them do work.

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Wow, Spore and Robot Chicken? Could they possibly pack any more mediocrity into one room?

Posted by Matt_

Wow, it's hard to believe it takes that many people to produce Robot Chicken. That's actually pretty sad.

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@LaszloKovacs: I know, right.
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I bet it would have been fun to be in that room when they did this.

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This is what the original game shout of been

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That was pretty funny.  It would have been nice if the game came with that level of dynamics.  Is this free DLC or do you buy this?

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Well i know that Spore had that awesome launch with good fun in the first 2-3 parts of the games, and was let down by the later parts in the space stage, but i'd be willing to say (for the right price) that this would be worth a buy.  Spore pictures often come up in my screen-saver, and give me the twinge now and then of wanting to play again, before the realisation of where in the game i would inevitabely end up, so being able to jump back down to the planets (without having to use the hologram tool) could be pretty fun, so long as the expenasion pack is relatively cheap!

Posted by Death_Unicorn

No Seth Green? :(
Alas, they did seem to have alot of fun, and I'll but "Spore Adventures" if it goes for 30 dollars.

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"Not a fan" lol

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Am I the only one that hopes for this same treatment to happen when the Star Trek/Star Wars MMO games come out? Would probably bring some well needed humor to both games.

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Looking forward to it!