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Very nice.

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Ummm, you mean First, well whatever, great review, Brad your sideburns are something behold

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why is there a minute of nothing at the end of the review o.O
nice video review once again

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Awesome review Brad!

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I would buy this when ever it makes it to a console. I just don't  play a lot of pc games.

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that bomb monster will haunt my nightmares

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man, i wanna try this game out but don't have a good pc to play this on

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That abomination at the end looks a lot likereal Kirby.

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If I had more money... I would get this.

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Dude The Giant Bomb @ the end scared the shit out of me
but otehr then that awesome review, Brad is Smexy

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The last 60 seconds is just darkness and music, looks like it should of ended at 7:00 not 8:07

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Where is Luchadeer?!

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yeah, I'll bop that last minute out of there tomorrow. Looks like something snuck in at the end. The Spore video review is evolving on its own...

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I'm gonna search for that bomb creature online just so I can download it, hunt for it relentlessly throughout the galaxy, and eradicated it from existence in order that I can regain a semblance of the peace I had in my life before I saw that thing!

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Great vid, as usual.

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Okay Vinny, I thought it was just my stream.

We all make mistakes, but eveyone just gets one.

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Why does Vinny recycle the same music over and over in every video? I'm tired of hearing that song with the guy going, "AHHHHHHH".

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OMG i will no have nightmares of thet thing at the end!! Nice review BTW.

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A great video review Brad. I admittedly didn't know much about this game, but now I'm extremely interested. Not that I have a computer to run it though. 

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Ah... good to see a game which promotes 'reason'. Just wish there was more of it seen in real life socities. Less delusion more reason please, Evolution by natural selection FTW!

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Good review, another game I should pick up by years end.

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Nice review Brad... but delete the minute of empty space at the end.

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Haha, I want to be the Giant Bomb!

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lol @ the bomb

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Excellent ending.

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Nice one Mr. Shumacher.. Im definitely buying this one

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Nice little scare at the end.  (spoiler)  sorry vinny

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Im proud that Brad has gotten over the rum and is back on the review horse :)

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Bradly awesome review, brah.

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step away people! that is not the giantbomb mascot!... It's a trap, it EATS people!

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Although it looks awesome, I think I'm good with Spore Origin's on my iPod Touch.

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Great review. Can this play on almost any computer?

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Great review. It´s good to see more of Brad. I think hes even better now than he was at Gamespot.

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Great video review.
(7:00-end of video looks like it was meant to be cut?)

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If you have NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900+ / ATI Radeon 9500+, yeah.

So gaming specific Laptops and desktops without integrated graphics chips could play this game.

If you are never sure and use Internet Explorer try this, definitely saves people time and money.

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Bomb creature was bombastic

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Yet another awesome video review, thanks GB

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Wonderful review, yet again. The Giant Bomb team is the best place on the web.

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Another great review, now then, i'm of to make Gordon Brown with horns.......

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Btw it says DUDER IT'S OVER!

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lol @ end.

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Great review, great game, awesome site. I love it all! Just got the game and I'm close to civilization phase :)

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Lol wtf was the bomb at the end about? hahaah

Nice job on making the little guy sideways in order to get the look right.

Good review guys.

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great review. amazing video. and awesome ending!

great work duders!

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Hahaha that last one was scary as hell :P

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I didn't even know what this game was until know, thanks!

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That was an awesome review! Best one of spore yet.