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Brad has been working alot lately!

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Holy crap the bomb scared me but at the same time funny.

Posted by Derios

Great review Brad.

Posted by pisk

You don't have to click all the time in the first two stages, you can use je WASD keys to move. Though my preferred way was holding down the left mouse button, but it sux when you want to sprint, because the icon for it doesn't have a number key assigned to it, like attack/gay-stuff skills.

I really liked the game until I reached the tribe "simplistic RTS" era, then I just lost interests.

Posted by giyanks22

Great video Vinny. Nice Review Brad.

Posted by Mushir

Great review. And nice editing. The end is awesome!

Posted by Sharpshooter

Great review Brad

Posted by TheKing

Nice shirt.

Posted by Otacon

I find the creature stage pretty entertaining actually. Nice review Brad, still can't add you to my Buddies list!

Posted by Swinghi

We need more videos!!!  I know it is just a few of you but you guys are doing awesomely.

Posted by VichusSmith

This is the first time I've seen Brad in a video review, and I can't match that voice with that tiny body. Are you actually 6'7"? Have you ever done VA for anime? You should ;)

Posted by MichaelBach

Great review, I will get this for the Wii as my first game!... good job on the creature at the end, haha

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I have no mouth yet I must scream.... need more DNA points.

Posted by Jonage

Stll not gonna buy I think, maybe when it's budget;

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Looks awesome. Can't wait to play it!

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Looks like it could be fun! Good work Brad.

Posted by VoidPresence

great review, and for one of the few times with any review, i agree in just about EVERY point; namely the great key point of 'more than the sum of its parts' (as many 'reviewers' have been knocking it because of its 'weak' parts).


Posted by Crono

giant bomb creature at end is just plain CREEPY!

The review was pretty damn good though.  I love the Giant Bomb video reviews!

Posted by AndrewGPM

The creature at the end reminded me of Coughing.

Posted by Aaron_G

Great video, and nice ending.

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good review

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Brad, your review article convinced me to buy the game.  I've been playing since last night and I'm to the space phase (it really doesn't take long), but after watching your video review, I'd like to say that the information and opinion you're conveying here is accurate, thoughtful, and helpful. 

I've been really enjoying my time with the game despite how some people have complained it is too "simple".  Simplicity done well is never a bad thing, and this certainly makes for a really engaging experience and is quite unique in its own right--I don't think this is a game that should be missed by anyone.  You'll often hear complaints that games feel complacent in reusing the same old formulas--so for those of you that have said as much or agree: exercise some intrigue and give this game at least one full play-through.  If you still don't fully enjoy it, at least you will have tried something "new".

Posted by Mexalen

Great review Brad ... but Vinny, you almost killed me with this ending! awesome!

Posted by dsplayer1010

I'm so downloading that Giant Bomb creature.

Posted by mrsmiley

Holy crap! The giant bomb creature at the end is epic! In a nasty, disgusting sort of way, haha

Posted by Sirn00bal0t

Great review keep up the good work : )

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Has anyone else noticed that if you spin the galaxy on the title screen (where your "play", "Create", "Share" menu items are) very quickly that pictures of the programmers and staff members appear and fly outward from the center of the spinning galaxy...

Anyone else found this?
Posted by Thordain

Nice review Brad, they really are having you crank these out. I might buy Spore now.

Posted by Smallville123

Oh dear god the last 10 seconds of that review made me shit my pants.

Posted by Afroman269

Did anyone run into a corner and cry after the last 10 secs. Like damn that scared the shit outta me cus I had the volume way up.

Posted by EvilNiGHTS

I like how Brad says "tiny little single celled organisms" whilst gesturing something the size of his ear.

Posted by GalvanizedNails

the giant bomb creature looks like a rayman rabbid!

Posted by insanejedi

lol at the last 10 seconds...

Posted by Ubergeist

I always love the endings haha.

Posted by yellownumber5

Best video review of this game.  I love the WTF moments Giant Bomb edits into the endings of vids.  I hope that remains a GB staple.

Posted by holybins

Aw, come on Brad, you didn't explain how the space age part is deeper than the rest - what's the gameplay like?  Maybe I should actually READ the review instead of counting on the video review? ;)

Posted by micah

nice review

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Ahh! GiantBombling!!

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Awesome review d00ds.

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The shirt makes brad look fat.

Posted by Driadon

...what the....You guys broke the forcing symmetry with that creature at the end...!?

Posted by Caos2

The dynamic aspect of the game you keep it refresh... up till you third reinstall.

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looks like i'll have to pick this up

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Nice video and nice ending but how was that creature not symmetrical?

Posted by HatKing

I want to kill that stupid bomb monster.

Posted by xionpunk

Oh sweet jesus... what was that abomination at the end!!?   

Posted by JamesM

Presumably the creature at the end isn't actually asymmetrical; I'd imagine it has a mirror image of its face on its "back". What we see is one of the sides, not the front.

Posted by KnightsofRound

LOL @ the creature at the end.

I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be the Giant Bomb mascot :D