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Isn't it Hokra? 
Edit: this comment was more relevant when the title spelled it "Horka"

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Seems fun/

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Is this the game the Cards Against Humanity guy was talking about during E3?

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A square is a polygon.

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Alright so there's a ball, and you all try to get it to your goal.
Did this game come out of doing a tutorial?

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The action shots of people playing video games make it all the more relevant(read: sad). You can hire actors or models playing video games and even they can't make it look cool or interesting. I mean just watch the core gamers Fable Journey video.

My favorite by far is the advertisement for Dragon Ball Z Kinect video. The guy is trying so hard to not feel like an idiot doing the commercial, but it shows every now and then. At least he got paid, or so I hope.

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Those people are super excited about those squares moving around on a screen.