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i really wished this thing had online play.

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Will definitely be picking this up then.

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Heck. Yes.

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someone link the tim and eric video my phone sux

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@alex do you know if this has any chance at all for a PC/Steam release? I would want a PC release, even if it forced local and controller use

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someone link the tim and eric video my phone sux

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@hammondoftexas: My understanding is that PC/Mac/Linux version is coming sometime during the summer, but I don't think it has a set date yet.

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All right, hipster party at my house!

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@alex: my life is complete good sir :')

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I really wonder how all these couch co-op things are doing. It's a great idea, but leaves out a lot of the market. I rarely have an opportunity to bring together 4 people to game. Plus the problem of getting together four PS3 controllers or four move(!) controllers in one place when they're $50 or $25 a pop.

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@alex said:

@ripelivejam said:

someone link the tim and eric video my phone sux

Damn, Alex beat me to it.

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Although local multiplayer is probably a great way to experience, these games would look great on the Vita. It would need online multiplayer though. I guess there could be some sort of configuration of linking your Vita to the PS3/PS4 to enjoy it too.

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Haha, my friend is in this trailer. This is fantastic. Can't wait to get to play BaraBariBall and Hokra.

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finally an excuse to use those motion controllers

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How are people going to complain about the local only co-op when they make it clear thats entirely the point?

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@mrfluke: Mee too buddy.

@leafhouse: Just because that's the idea, it doesn't mean it's a good one.

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Anyone know if it would be feasible to use Wii remotes on the eventual PC version? I haven't a single move controller and they seem pricey, but I'd love to play Joust with friends. Even if I can't, the rest of the games seem just as awesome. I'll definitely pick this up.

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@mrklorox: yes, but if they've put their full weight behind the idea, they obviously know what complains can come from it and have dismissed them. Then again, i might only be annoyed by all of this because i fully support their decision.

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easy to pick up party games always welcome! Keep them coming guys.

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Two of my actual friends are in that trailer.... world colliding... super bizzare.

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can I use a ps3 controller on ps4 because i'm not about to go buy 3 new ps4 controllers

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With all these couch multiplayer games coming out I wish Sony would off like a special 3 pack of PS4 controllers for $119.99 or something...like a buy two get one free special

Most people are going to buy at least one extra controller, but four is unlikely...if you were to offer a deal like that though most people would be like "well I'm already buying one for $60...but if I buy another one I'll get two more soooo fuck it"

But looks like I'll be going to a used game shop to buy a couple more move controllers for cheap because FINALLY I have something to use them with....this is the most recent game to support move controller since what? Puppeteer?

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@mrfluke: Get some real life friends instead. ;-)

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@cthomer5000: One of mine is in it too. It's crazy to see him on this site.

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I'm so excited for this game. Glad it finally has a release date! (:

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@cdub901: I think Rambo The Video Game was the most recent with move support.

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What do the PC versions use instead of the Move? If the game is as crazy as the trailer makes it out to be, I can see this being pretty good.

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@mrfluke: I don't, it's great to see games tailored to local play like this; it just wouldn't work as well online. But I feel your pain, I have no close friends who play games, so I can't enjoy these on my own. It won;t stop me from living vicariously through GB's sessions.

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Cool, but wake me when Nidhogg hits PSN.

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I'm happy this is out but I'm floored at how long this took to come out. Haven't these games been playable for months, even years in some cases?

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Prepare to Joust!

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People will buy it, play once, and never play it ever again. #abroller

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I don't have any hipster friends to play with :(

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