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Posted by MrMoobz

Stoopid Beta! Always patches, then it wont let you log into the servers... garghhhh!* 
 *expression of annoyance

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haha that ending was hillarious. I have pretty fun with this game. The abilities and skills is still very confusing to me but I kinda like it.
Thanks for the beta key by the way. :)

Posted by 71Ranchero

I want to get in the beta just so I have a chance to run into the GB crew and kiss them. Is there a pink uniform in star trek?

Posted by Axdemon

Not like this!

Posted by MjHealy

Great to see a new video series up and going.

Posted by PlainZombie

Got my key. Download once I get out of work and am back home. Hope to cross paths with the seabiscuit with my own ridiculous alien race character.

Posted by gike987

 Just finished download the beta client. Looks like an fun game.

Posted by Delsaber

Greatest open beta glitch ever.

Posted by dagas

Got a beta key, but 1 day to download....seems the servers are overloaded.

Posted by Hyco24

Whoot Thanks for the BETA key giantbomb, you guys are....um... da bomb?
Can't wait to get warped down as a mini ship.
Seabiscuit FTW!!

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Posted by creepybacon

Cheers for the key guys.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Thank you Giant Bomb this Tea Earl Grey Hot is for you.

Posted by marquis3000

This is the best thing ever

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Dancing space ships! Space combat reminds me of Jump to Lightspeed. Got my beta key though thanks GB.

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Dave is way into this game, totally awesome!

EDIT: Where are all these guys getting their beta-key from? Brad posted a few but I figured those were already in use by the time us Euro's get to check this site?

Posted by RipAndTear

I have no hands and I must swim!
Thanks for the beta key, guys!

Posted by ProjektGill

This is the only game where I would play a healer because Dr.McCoy is awesome

Posted by CletusTheFoetus

Great vid! I vented so much plasma at the end with that bug :D and thanks for the beta key. Tbh I was doing the dishes while I was listening to this, it was a  mad dash to get the key with rubber gloves on! 
Can't wait to get into the character creator, i've spent hours in COX and Champions just making a character. 

Posted by Turambar

Time to give the game a shot I guess.

Posted by Spiritof

Hate to say it, but this quick look made me go look up the system requirements for this game.

Posted by numberThirtyOne

Majel Barrett didn't play Yeoman Rand, she played Nurse Chapel.  DUH.  And you call yourselves Star Trek fans...  

Posted by nailgunx3

Finally got around to watching the original series last summer and became addicted to star trek, thanks for the key guys

Posted by Curval

Just grabbed a key.  Interested in trying this out.
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Any idea where people are getting keys for this? Admittedly, I'm yet to search the forums, but yeah, help?
EDIT: http://www.giantbomb.com/stobeta/ for anyone intested.

Posted by ZagZagovich

Thanks for the key. Can't wait for it to finish downloading. It would be great to see more give aways like this.

Posted by PapaLazarou

I loved SWG  Pre CU. 
They ruined it by trying to copy other mmos.

Posted by Venatio

Awesome!! This is good news

Posted by Delta_Ass
@Metal_Mills said:
" Dave: The blue torpedoes are Quantum, the red are Photon. Yes, I am that much of a geek. "
The blue torpedoes in TOS and Star Trek TMP weren't quantum. They were photon torpedoes.
Posted by Olivaw

Man, I hate to be a negative nancy, but that looked like some SHIT.
I always imagined a Star Trek MMO being more Star Treky and less MMOy. Like, every single environment in that game clearly came from an MMO. The bridge of the starship looked like an MMO map, not in any way did I ever buy that it was designed to look at all like any bridge ever.
Also, not every goddamn MMO has to start out with you getting into some gigantic fucking all-important battle with Borg cubes or Darth Vader or whatever. It's STAR TREK. You could have the player start out in the Academy! Have them learn how to play the game in the same place people learn how to do things in Star Trek! Have people take the Kobayashi Maru test! It would be awesome! But no, just gotta go for the stupid artificially important tutorial mission that gets super dumb with every character after the first one you make.
The only part that reminded me of Star Trek in any way, was the bit at the end where they beam down to a planet and look like they're gettin' ready to do some fightin'. Because that is something that Star Trek is about - beaming down to planets and fighting. The rest of what I just saw was so bland it might as well be any other MMO ever made with a Star Trek skin slapped on it. Even the space bits were boring because you were essentially killing rats, except in this case it was Borg probes and you were in space. At least Star Wars Galaxies gave it's space stuff some decent gameplay and let you walk around your ship and stuff.

Posted by MachoFantastico

The creation part alone as me in stitches. God that was fantastic. 

Posted by Tregard

I cannot believe when holograms were the topic, Rimmer from Red Dwarf wasn't mentioned. He's like, the king of sci-fi holograms.

Posted by OldGuy

Majel Barrett played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxanna Troi and "Number One" on the first Star Trek pilot (as well as the computer voice for many of the series [and other voice work on the animated series too]).

Posted by Conojo

goddamn it, no matter how many times I see you guys go through a character creation set up I cannot stop laughing

Posted by Venatio

If this is Part 01 of something then shouldn't it be where the Endurance run episodes are?

Posted by Spiritof
@OldGuy said:
" Majel Barrett played Nurse Chapel, Lwaxanna Troi and "Number One" on the first Star Trek pilot (as well as the computer voice for many of the series [and other voice work on the animated series too]). "
She was also married to, and presumably had sex with, Gene Roddenberry.
Posted by SpacePenguin

Thanks for the key, you guys are awsome.

Posted by Pkshields

Well this is awesome

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Posted by Kimozabi

You didn't make a female? What on Earth happened to Dave's rule of MMO characters?

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

came back to watch the mini-spaceship land in the water ROFL

Posted by Nemesis

Love the quick  looks.

Posted by Hashbrowns

Oh man!  Vinny, Dave and Brad were the perfect group of guys to do this!
Posted by Warchief

that was awesome and thank you very much for the beta key!

Posted by Brackynews

I popped to the page just to see, and definitely won't be using the key:


Posted by Brendan

Did anybody else see the Under Armor symbol in that video?
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Brad is not allowed to play anymore. 
Dave or Vinny needs to control.

Posted by wiII

Jeez 60 minutes,   I'll save this till tomorrow morning at work. :)

Posted by Fawk

That looks really....boring.

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Looks to be a pretty bizarre Star Trek property, but there's still one thing I dont get.  If a Sea Biscuit doesnt have ears then why would one even need a humanoid mouth.  If the species has lived on a planet without needing to talk to eachother they'd probably evolve with no mouth at all am I righr?  Did nature find a way?   Also the melee combat should consist of 2 consecutive moves to stay true to the Star Trek fiction: double axe-handle to the stomach, then an upward double axe-handle to the face of a now reeling enemy.
Hope to see more voyages of the USS Duder to seek out new games and new game franchises, to boldly play what no one has played before.