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i hope they have more keys left

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They wont have.

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  Isn't this actually an Endurance Run? It's several episodes of the same game so this should be where the ER episodes are    

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is the voice of the tutorial spock from the new movies?  im glad u guys decided to quick look this i had almost no interest in this game until iv seen it this game looks pretty good 
rofl 26:50 a miniship is attacking
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U.S.S. Duder is go!

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Dude. Yes.

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Heck yes. Make it so.

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Goddamn sea-biscuits stealing our women .

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this is so much better then the matrix one.

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That Luchadeer stand by message was awesome.  I want a high rez wallpaper of it now!!!!!

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"First"? Seriously?
These videos are cool. The game looks like a technical mess but i like what they're doing with it. I'll check it out when there's a commercial trial available :)

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little quiet, can't turn my laptop any louder...

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Ima gonna watch these for the next few months? I dunno if it's a great idea...

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@FrostyHerpiez said:
" is the voice of the tutorial spock from the new movies?   rofl 26:50 a miniship is attacking "
Yeah, it's that Quentin Zacharrino or whatever.
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The "beaming down as a ship" bug still rofls my insides out.

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Dave commented on my comment from part 1. It's good knowing there reading all this stuff!

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Yes I love these daily videos that are really long gives me something to watch and listen to while at work!

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I Totally made a Sea Biscuit too! He's looking for his lost brother, Frigth. ^ ^

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Hot damn! I'm up at 6:30 and this is up at 6:30. Feels like the Endurance Run.

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Man. This is seriously Champions Online with another skin + space flight. But the Actual MMO part is straight up Champions Online, wich means i´ll pass on this one.

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I agree that the sound on the GB-videos in general is a little low. Can't you raise it up a little, pretty please?

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@Canberra: with their dancing while being shot at by borg, how could the women resist?
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You guys are so bad at MMOs lol. 

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I've got no problems with volume.

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good god, these videos are so bad for me, they make me want to pick up playing MMO's all over again
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Think the next set phasers to fun should either start out or end with "Seabiscuits log, stardate...". Yes i am sad and easily amused.

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U.S.S. Duder can not be stopped

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Why would a fish race have boobs...or facial hair for that matter?

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this is awesome, im getting the "endurance run feeling"
waking up to a new episode :D

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Good job Seabiscuit.  You deserve a few days of shore leave.

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The animation of space ship is horrible IMO. You cant really tell if its moving or not, always look the same.

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I demand a specific section for these. "Features", pffft. Screw that, this is like SFTF! I can see the youtube "Best Of's" being posted. New -semi Endurance Run, only better than "The Matrix", and nerdier than Persona. And it's getting to hear Dave regularly on the site! And Vinny and Brad! DAILY!!

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Whoa, they're doing this everyday?! Nice.

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:( I want a beta key, only for the character creation, want to make a real monster

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can't believe you guys spent nearly an hour and 15 minutes not knowing there was a full impulse button :P

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"Somewhere over the rainbow... there's another rainbow."

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This should be the next season of the ER. I'm calling it!

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I love you guys, but watching you guys close out of doing the ship crap because "you couldn't afford it" was the most god damn frustrating thing ever.  All that cosmetic crap didn't cost me anything. ;\

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Oh man, i have to stop watching these, desperately making me want to play.

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I'm glad to see that ship combat is tending to mimic that of Star Trek: Bridge Commander (still the best Star Trek game there has been). I thought the Miranda Class starship had aft torpedos, so they should probably try using them once in a while. Overall, great fun watching so far. It's making me want to dive in myself.
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I noticed that the volume was a little low, I've had my sound on pretty high to compensate. I want to see Sea Bisquit's team, that would be great if they run around with you.

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Woo!  I love waking up to awesome new videos, thanks guys.

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@adamfedoruk said:

" I love you guys, but watching you guys close out of doing the ship crap because "you couldn't afford it" was the most god damn frustrating thing ever.  All that cosmetic crap didn't cost me anything. ;\ "

Yes!  Next episode, black on black, murdered out, USS Duder.
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"Set Phasers to Fun"  LMAO!

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Aww, you guys had a bad ass looking ship but then Brad ruined it.

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Vinny, how dare you talk shit about Howard.

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Lol, I invited them to a group and left thinking I had the wrong person. 
Now I know I was right the first time.