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It's a space station?

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Brad: c-c-c-c-c-comber breaker!

This video series needs more barbershop

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I had to log off, had an unexpected visitor come over. :(
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Nice Brad, nice.

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Parsec measures distance, not time.

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Great video, finally some more ground action.

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Poor Brad, Vinny and Dave don't give a shit ROFL

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Star wars technology is thousands of years older and more advanced than the tech in star trek. One X-wing could take down the enterprise.

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5 parts... is this officially the new endurance run? has there been any word on the guys?

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the beta ends sometime in the next week i think so they wont have to put up with the mediocrity that is sto.  still it fun to watch

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Whoooo Set Phasers to FUUUUUUNNN!

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I really hate that bug.

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Dude, Data got it on with Tasha Yar and can bench press a bus.  3-PO could barely walk.

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The shape shifter ship is from Species 8472, the only race to beat the shit out of the borg. Then janeway gave the borg the technology to stop them just for save passage, nice going bitch.

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The game looks fun but I doubt it'd ever run on my crappy computer. I'd play it for a bit, even if I don't know anything on Star Trek.

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Were they fighting Species 8472!? They named Species 8472!? Hope those reinforcements had nano-probe torpedos. 
The comparisons between the Time Lords and the Q Continuum have been made many times over the years and the  writers seemed to be very aware of it. The episode where  Q introduced the Enterprise to the Borg for the first time was called " Q Who?" (though that was likely also a reference to how much the Borg resemble the Cybermen)    

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I think they're mixing up the Changelings (DS9) with Species 8472 (Voyager).

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wait wasnt there a shapeshifter in one of the first 4 star trek movies? when kirk and bones are on that prison ice planet that chick shapeshifts into a bunch of different things
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Hey Brad, you had your warp maxed that is why you were going faster then the freighter when you were at min speed in your escort mission. What is your @name? I would like to join you in your missions! 
Also, whoever is a fleet officer hook me up with in invite. My name is @crippler_hd

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8472 can shapeshift but its not a natural ability, as I recall they used some kind of gene-treatment. They where actually planning this infiltration of the Federation during their last appearance on Voyager buy Janeway made peace with them. Guess the guys at STO decided it didn't stick.

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Wow. Vinny and Dave talked sooo much nonsense during this one I zoned out after a while. How about focusing on whats actually happening in-game? =D

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Seriously that Klingon message that kept popping was the most annoying thing I have experienced in the beta.  God, it sucked.

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I think DS9 had an episode with a rogue shapeshifter who came to the station as a giant flying creature that could breath in space.  He kept talking to Odo about all the weird shape changing possibilities of their species and eventually turns into fire at one point and even a mass of fog.  Though the one in the quest looked like species 8472 from Voyager.  If you wanna talk about the Captain with the biggest balls.....Janeway....  Great job today.  Awesome videos, needs more Voyager references.

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Vinny and Dave singing perfect fifths on accident...

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Never mind staying on topic, your fractured knowledge of Star Trek lore is the best part of these! :)

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I'm the one who said "bitch," want to fight about it?

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is this gonna be an endurance run?
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 Another great episode, I prefer the mix of Vinnie, Brad and Dave, Ryan was way too verbally aggressive and this group is much more laid back.  And pushing Brad to fail and die was an extremely  crappy thing to do.
Brad you need to level up your guy, and you need to level your Bridge Crew. Also you can purchase a fourth Bridge Crew member to round out your Away team. You can set things up so that your Bridge Crew will replace the normal security complement on away missions. You can buy better gear like armor on the Starbase by selling some of that stuff in your inventory. Stuff in your inventory can be sold while onboard your ship by using the Replicators, or to any Starbase vendor. By the way you need to select that Skills Trainer quest just to get it out of the way.
BTW got access to the Klingon content yesterday, what a horror show, it's so unfinished and kludgy over there you can see that this game needed another year of development.

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@jaytima said:
" Drew's commentary is awesome. He needs to be in more quick looks and podcasts. "
DAVE not Drew!
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@yogetoutdaway said:
"is this gonna be an endurance run? "

My question exactly.
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How could you possibly think Gandi is boring?!?!?
Have you never seen Clone High? Gandi has ADHD!!!

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watching these is better than playing the actual game.

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@yogetoutdaway said:
"is this gonna be an endurance run? "

Everyones hoping... well, I am. As long as Vinny stays in it.
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Great video! And a photon torpedo would totally disrupt the core :D

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I'm loving this.

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Species 8472 is, according to the game at least, the Borg designation of those shapeshifters things. They were then named the Undine by the Federation/Klingons. 
Another great episode: I learn more about Star Trek/Star Wars/all things sci-fi and fantasy every day.
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if u turned off full impulse u wouldnt out run that frigate jeez i love you guys but u do make me scream at my laptop :@
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They really need someone to keep them on track; Ryan did it last time, but Brad tends to just play, and Vinny and Dave talk about everything else. I've had fun with this, but Vinny and Dave have to pay attention. 
Also, Brad needs to TURN OFF FULL IMPULSE (rawr).

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Whatever, Dave.  Droids are property.  Sure, the main characters are nice to them, but if my toaster had emotional reactions, I'd talk nice to it too just to ensure a decent breakfast.
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for some reason I want to hear the DUB SIREN 

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I don't know, watching someone play an MMO isn't that much fun, Matrix online was ok, but I hope this doesn't go on for too long.

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BOOOOO DAVE!!!!! TNG IS TEH BEST GALALALALALALALALA. Anyways, this game is looking interesting, but after muddling through the early days of Champions Online I think I'll wait a few before I give it a try.

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Man, it is hilarious how similiar the comments are here as to those during the Endurance Run. People screaming about how they're playing the game wrong... how it's so frustrating they want to punch their faces in... wow.
I'm shedding a tear from the sheer nostalgia of it. Those were good times, arguing about whether that one comic had a spoiler or not, or whether they should fuse x instead of y or... good God... that they should get the good ending.

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@jaytima said:
"Drew's commentary is awesome. He needs to be in more quick looks and podcasts. "

Drew wasn't in this quick look.