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I really need to get around to making my STO character..

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I still feel like killing myself when watching these videos. This does not look fun.

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Ryan coming in and dropping some knowledge bombs up in this bitch.

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Whoo I love Long daily videos!

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Woooo. How much longer will these go?

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Wooo over a hour again. I'm loving these vids keep it up guys.

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BTW, Ryan, you're way to good of a player for a beta Endurance Run.  Part of the fun is the players having no idea what the hell they're doing and reading the all-caps comments from the peanut gallery.  EQUIP YOUR DISRUPTORS AAAAHHHH!!!!!

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Ends around the 25 minute mark.

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is the sound messed up for anyone else or is that just me?
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"Beam me into a sitting position!"

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Drag ship officer powers to your hotbar, right-click and move. 
Go to your powers tab and select the Balance all shields power, it distributes aux power to all shields - it's great for those fights where you get hit from all over.

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Yes, a new episode!!

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Here's a key to the beta if anyone hasn't got one yet: 

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"Duder, one to beam up!" 

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thanks for the opinion drive up life, we all give a damn.

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I want in to Space Neon Lobsters :(

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Huh, I had been avoiding the Fleet Action mission since it said fleet action rewards were disabled.  Guess that's not the same thing, so ... time to mess up the starbase tonight!  
Also, Ryan is ruthlessly efficient.  I like it.  A Ryan ER would be awesome.

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I'm warming up this this game, looked drab as hell but now the space combat actually looks dope, thanks to Ryan's knowledge dropping ability.

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ryan to the rescue

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that's hell of dudes

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BRAD SUUUU.... man ryan should play

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Aww, no Dave. Good episode though, you guys got a lot done.

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Ryan knows his stuff.

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And one that I'll never use if anyone wants it.
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Duder! New episode, awesome.
Also, Ryan is wrong about the Torpedo High Yield skill. All it does is causes your next torpedo shot to be a double shot with slightly increased strength, which is a GOOD thing. It doesn't have any negative aspects and should be used when you can...tactically of course.

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I recommend changing "Fire all weapons" to the Spacebar. thats alot easier to mash than 1 2 3. Also, if you wish to join the Space Neon lobsters, contact me. Otakon@gosukiller.

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Hank McCoy? Really? :)  Leonard.
You need to skill up again.

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does anyone know what's brad's user name in sto? and how do i add him as my friend

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@skrutop said:
" LEVEL UP!  BTW, Ryan, you're way to good of a player for a beta Endurance Run.  Part of the fun is the players having no idea what the hell they're doing and reading the all-caps comments from the peanut gallery.  EQUIP YOUR DISRUPTORS AAAAHHHH!!!!! "
No its not. When they dont know anything about what they should do makes it just frustrating(Like Ryan when Brad clicks on enemys instead of tab, explaned in tutorial along whit F for pick up and scan) to see him not get something that you yourself figured out in the first 1h of the game. Like when he insisted on draging the stuff to his character pissed me of to no end when he just simply could have used right-click.
Though I will give you that seeing Brad linger on the dialog boxes for ever is really funny, even though it only has one line and one option to push.
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 You don't have to double click to engage autofire, just target something and hit Fire All Weapons.
Ryan was saying he never found a reason to use two weapons, so here's one:  you can fire special attacks twice as fast by having two.   Weapons have separate cooldown timers, and they count down even when not equipped.  Hit Z to swap between them.
They also need to figure out the Expose/Exploit thing; to disintegrate guys you have to use a Exploit attack on the guys that have been Exposed (big orange circle on em) by Expose attacks.

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Effin' sweet gentlemen.  Really glad to have Ryan getting these videos back on track.  The MMO trappings in this game still seem a bit bland overall, but goddamn!  There's just so much of the Star Trek flavor that I find myself entranced.  Despite all the hardcore game playing in this episode, you guys still have me laughing hysterically enough times to make it worthwhile.  Thanks again, can't wait to see more.  FOR SCIENCE!
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just you i guess
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hey if anyone has any extra beta keys can they email me one? i really wana try this game out
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Great Quicklook, Brad really needs to equip that Deflector Array. He can sell his excess stuff using the Replicator store but not while he's on the bridge. As I said before he can also purchase and commission a fourth officer but they will not have a bridge slot.

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Brad!! Do Something!

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Dude runs like Valdo from Soul Caliber.

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Just hit SPACE when you're cycling between targets it will automatically start shooting at something else, you're wasting a lot of time not shooting. 
i.e. hammer the space key in space. 
edit: wow watching more and i cant stand seeing so many targets in range and not shooting, spam the space key!!!!!

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Brad is not fun to watch play haha. 
"Stick with your team!" 
It's like double backseat driving with Ryan/Vinny calling brad out while we all watch :S 
PS: Where's the live stream of Ryan playing, I'd like to see that :)

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Torpedo High Yield is far better than Torpedo Spread. The spread fires a lot of them randomly, but they don't follow the target and explode around it. High Yield fires several of them at the target in quick succession, but they follow the target so they will always hit. 
The Starbase 24 Fleet Action is great fun the first time when there is an actual mission involved. Every time after that there isn't much point since there isn't a reward at the moment. Ryan was great at finally moving everyone on in the game, and actually getting to business. Kudos, another great installment.
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Star Trek online fans who are having trouble with their inventory key:
To access inventory, press the "U" key.
(keep it up, it's awesome)

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The missile thing you have while in the ship, courtesy of your securiity officer is actually good and what Ryan said about not being able to use missiles while it cools down is not true.

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I know it's a beta but all the bugs are a real drag when your trying to play this.

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With each of these videos I get more and more interested in playing Star Trek Online...but I really don't want to play an MMO at the moment...

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A tip for Brad: equip the Tribble on one of the away team members' device slots!
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Thank god Ryan is back, he got shit back on track. He was slightly wrong about a skill or two (I know that without even playing :D), but at least discussion was focused on the issue today, whereas the last episode it was just banter between Vinny and Dave, which was fun, but a little dry for an hour.

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"This is a terrible place to park; you'll get dinged."
Also, this episode easily had the best ending out of all of them.

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Brad, don't do the Delta Cluster mission. It's broken(or at least it was a few days ago when I tried it). Try something like the neutral zone mission, I think that's a core mission.

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Each weapons special ability has a unique cool down. I have two of the same rifles with a awesome ability, and use Z to switch between them. So I get two uses of that special ability. So its totally worth having two guns if the ability has a long cooldown and your other dudes are geared. 
Great Vids guys! Please Keep Doing These. I am learning about Star Trek with you!