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Posted by Sgt_T1bbs

lol guess ill wait and get it used when its like 30 bucks

Posted by Theory

Yes. No. Perhaps?

Good review.
Posted by AlexB

Great Review. T-Shirt!

Posted by sbb6592

It's really disappointing how much potential this game has.  This is become more and more frequent amongst hugely anticipated games as publishers want to rush them out and developers are not given the proper time or amenities to let them reach their fullest potential.  But then again, it is a industry and they will make more money now then if they released it in 6 months because everyone wants instant gratification.  Maybe next time Lucas, maybe next time

Posted by WarmliquiD

"May the force blow your mind"...More like "May the force blow!"


I may seem a little PO'ed here but I'm just completely fed up with these games that have so much potential to be great, only to get rushed out the door. It's sad really.

Posted by Bulby33

T-SHIRT! I like it!

Posted by PhilSebben

I'll wait for it to find its way into the bargain bin

Posted by chililili

I saw the gamespot video before this as I really wanted to get an idea of the game before tuesday, and I must say the videos and reviews in this game site are quite superior and far better done, which surprises me! Jeff still kicks ass I guess.

Posted by ThrustMuscle

nice review guys and P.S. im lovin the new look of the site here looks fuckin professional. Keep it up and make this the best damn video game site on the web! BOOYA

Posted by cartoonrick

Only able to rent it on Wii...  It's awful on the Wii...  Do not get it on the Wii.  Let me try something..."You don't need to play this game on the wii...(waving my hand before all who read this)"  "Move along..."  No.  It really does play awful on the Wii.  Not to mention the sub par graphics of the Wii version compared to the way better looking XBOX360 and PS3. 

Posted by Redfield

I love how Jeff keeps calling Episode 3 "Episode 3" while he calls A New Hope "STAR WARS":P

Posted by coldmilk

looks like a fun tech toy when it hits $20 or something.

Posted by dopeman

omg jeff that is the best shirt ever

Posted by Smallville123


Posted by yaoigamer

WOW! Jeff is loosing weight ! keep it up papi !

Posted by imayellowfellow

sounds liek a good rental or maybe a decent buy for 29.99

Posted by Smashlampjaw

Nice video editing,

Posted by MasterSplinter

Great review Jeff and amazing editing Vinny. Yes!.. No.

Posted by nickzed


lol, that was golden.  Great review.  my thoughts exactly on the game.

Posted by Osiris

The game looks amazing but yeah a lot of flaws and indeed that feel of cheating you were talking about...
Oh well great review as I would expect and damn nice shirt!

Posted by TheJollyRajah

"May the force blow."


Posted by TheJollyRajah

But in all seriousness, if you're a Star Wars fan, then you definitely need to at least try this game. All problems aside, I'm still enjoying it.

I you're a big-time Star Wars fanatic, then a purchase wouldn't be bad. There are much worse games you can buy, trust me.

Posted by joslop500

Well, dont know about this game

Posted by SentientMoustache

the production values of this game makes it a rental

Posted by lebkin

Great review.  Very complete and thorough.  Only one minor complaint though, and it is a general one.  Everyone says the story is good, and asks when was the last time we had a good Star Wars Story.  Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 had great Star Wars stories, and they weren't that long ago. The Jedi Knight series also had good stories, and is a comparable franchise to this game.   It feels that the industry prefers to dump on Star Wars and forgets about its highlights. 

Posted by mawfu

Was that a T-shirt? great review.

Posted by Zalasta

Always a pleasure to watch Jeff flailing about.  Oh yeah, nice review as well ;)

Posted by Blazer74

Remember when Lucasgames made good games back before all they made was Star Wars ones? I do. Really they need to give up on Star Wars games. There 100% lame.

Posted by Aether

I still enjoy this game a great deal. Only for the fact that i was a huge Star Wars fan and i remember seeing Return of The Jedi when it was in theaters, so i have been hooked ever since and still dump my money into Star Wars games and Movies no matter how terrible they are.

Posted by lamegame621

what a shame. I was hoping this would be better.

Posted by Bennyishere


Posted by Destroyeron


Posted by j_meyer_13

Meh...maybe rent it sometime...next summer probly.  The ending was awesome!

BTW, nice shirt.  T-shirt!

Posted by John

so, yes or no?

Posted by xplodedd

good video

Posted by Kohe321

Really good review.

Posted by iAmJohn

Dude, I NEED that shirt!

Posted by borgmaster

I've personally had a lot of fun with this game, I would've given it 4 stars.

Posted by coonce

love the ending vinny!

great work guys!

Posted by natural_deadhead

Damnit, I didn't want to admit it but, you're review is exactly what I was thinking while I was playing it.
I'm a huge star wars fan and I love the game but the frustrating parts were hard for me to get past but I did.

Posted by Koopa_kid12

lol, "When was the last good star wars story"      "......Juno.......I don't know....."  :D

Posted by ThomasP

In other words, if you love Stars Wars, this game is five stars. :)

Posted by Alphazero

I would have gone for 4 stars as well. I'm loving it... but some of those boss fights are mad hard compared to the rest. I didn't feel like I was cheating exactly, but definitely had to learn the patterns. The difficulty is uneven.

One think I noticed, particularly on the Raxus Prime boss, was how good the light saber fighting looked. The camera gets in close and the fight choreography can occasionally look just flat out awesome.

Posted by VibratingDonkey

So it's probably pretty ok then?

Posted by Wuffi

juno, come down here

Posted by Stooch

Nice review Jeff. I was already on the fence about it after playing the demo, but this made me think twice about buying it.

Oh and great ending Vinny ;)

Posted by loserkid962

Underrated... nuff said

Posted by Xenos_19

No, Yes, No , Yes, No , Pherhaps xD

Nice Review, Giant Bomb Rulez!

Posted by Terranova

I got this today and  it's not bad,  as Jeff says it's not perfect but it does have it's good moments, the story / cut scenes especially good.  and it is fun throwing guys around.        

Posted by eunao2

no! yes!! no!!! yes!!! perhaps!!!!
juno i'm done here

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