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Looks amazing. Hopefully the game itself will be as good.

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That intro music still gives me chills...Can't wait!

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looks great, but if I have to pay to play a game I already paid for, then I'll have to pass on it

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I cannot wait for this game, it looks absolutely incredible, and this cinematic is just amazing.

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i have high hopes for this one

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worst shit ever... lol wat kinda bullshit trailer is this, that crappy voice... ugh... lol, DECEIVED!!! 

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looks damn fine. can't wait for gameplay videos.

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Pretty sweet trailer, hope they do an open beta in the coming months.


I crapped my pants just now from this trailer - the important thing to keep in mind is that it was just a little bit....

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Epic trailer.  Bioware hit a home run today with this plus the trailers for Dragon Age and Mass Effect.  I absolutely can't wait for these titles.

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Amazing trailer. Too bad the game won't look like that. Still awesome though.

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Screw the game, let them make a movie out of that.  The trailer was cool, but still no idea what the gameplay is going to be like.  Any chance it'll be some alpha/beta playable on the floor?

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Is that Malak!?

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looks pretty great

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The trailer looks cool, why can't they make that the new CG Star Wars movie.

Posted by Mace

I hate Bioware for making this a MMO!

I hate MMOs.
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Its just a trailer, not gameplay, but it is definitely going to be a good game since Bioware is making it. I'm glad they are adding in a very deep story unlike most MMOs. Lack of story is why I stopped playing WoW.

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This game... has stolen my life

Posted by Kyle

Wow, it's been so long since I looked at anything Star Wars related and thought it looked cool... I feel funny...

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I really hope they can manage to make this a decent game. I like the idea of MMO's, being able to play an RPG online with friends and other people, but damn are they repetitive and boring. If they can manage some good gameplay, and dare I ask, a good story, I'll definitely try this game.

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 It looks amazing and if the laghtsaber duels in the game are close to the fight between them too, then this game is worth every penny

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Not sure how the game will turn out but that was one fantastic trailer.

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This game will be awesome.

My gripe is, why is it the same setting/planet/storyline/factions 3000 years in the past to the original trilogy? The Jedi temple looks exactly the same, so does Coruscant....even the symbols the Sith Empire and Republic use look nearly identical to the corresponding Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance. Can we please at least make things look slightly different?
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Pretty cgi is pretty cgi, hope the game turns out good!

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I'll wait to see how it is.  But if it's any good at all... my life will be gone.

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so awesome

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Too bad they fucked the console fanbase, and released it for PC only, Yes I heard the rumors, but we all know how those turn out.
Fine make it PC only, give this game to all those fans who downloaded KOTOR 1 & 2 illegally, pricks.

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That bounty hunter chick is hawt

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this trailer kicked ass. too bad i don't play mmo's

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Awesome cinematic.  Too bad the game won't be anything like that. :\

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Amazing trailer!  I am eagerly awaiting some beefy gameplay footage.

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I'm totally rolling droid class.

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I'm still bummed that this isn't a real single player games because I don't want to have to (presumably) pay a monthly fee for some KOTOR. But at least it doesn't look like the clone wars show anymore.

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Looks mad as, but when is it set? Between 3 and 4? I don't know the KOTOR timeline

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Staying optimistic on this.

Got burned badly in that other previous Star Wars MMO.

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There are character designs besides Darth Vader.

I do like that are trying to make non-force users bad-ass. The Boba Femme is a cutey.

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Fanboy squeals abound.

That trailer was kickass. I couldn't shake the Mission Vao / Revan thing, however. That's probably just me though.
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@Nick said:

Is that Malak!?

I was just about to ask the same question.  It seemed like him.  He had the whole mouthpiece and the decrepit skin and eyes makes it look like he is pretty old, but then again Old Republic is set 300 years after KOTOR2 apparently.
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Looks so good! But I probably wont play it because its an MMO =/ And they are always slow and grindy, never as cool as they are made to look. :( Sigh....

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@DCFGS3 said:
" Looks mad as, but when is it set? Between 3 and 4? I don't know the KOTOR timeline "
I think it's set something like 3700 years before the films. Though I could well be wrong.
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trailer looks great but i really wish BioWare would go and finish out the KotOR story arc first, then do this game....i wanna know what happened to Revan and the whole gang!

EDIT: and my god i love how they used all different music from the entire series, definitely gave me chills. And thats a lot of dudes wearing Revanesque masks too. and that raid on the Jedi temple is pretty much what Order 66 should have looked like. Anakin just going bug nuts crazy on the jedi

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@donwoogie: I don't think it's Malak, Malak had tatts on his head

I really really would prefer KotOR3, but this does look cool

What's the crack with bald headed Sith with breathing devices? I want some handsome evil dudes!
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That was awesome

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That looks all kinds of cool. I was hyped for the game anyway but damn that looks amazing. Take a long hard look at what you could have done George Lucas

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I don't care for anything-star wars at all, but this is a very sweet trailer.

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This game will be great no question, you have bioware that has delivered time and time again, and you got a great story franchise to back it up. But im pretty sure these are not game play graphics as the G4 team so dumbfoundly put it.