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Posted by Nasos100

i need this game !

Posted by Osiris

That guy needs sleep!

Posted by WinterSnowblind
@Suicidal_SNiper said:
" @FlipperDesert said:
" The Consulate is in the game? Awesome! Now they need to bring in the Sentinel so I can make me a yellow lightsaber. :l  NOOOOOW! "
They've already released all the classes but Lightsaber colors aren't class specific. So I'm sure you'll be able to make/loot a yellow saber :P "
Personally, I think they should stick with the classic blue/green and red for sith.
Never liked the fact that in most Star Wars games the Jedi end up looking like skittles.
I guess in something like an MMO variety and customisation is always key, but they could at least make the other colours rarer and something special.  The purple blade should have been either super rare, or a collectors edition bonus, just to keep it somewhat special.  It kind of ruins the whole Mace Windu bad assness when every Jedi, Sith and their dogs are wielding them.
Posted by Reverseface

I really hope this turns out good, i need anew MMO to get addicted to.

Posted by Kazu666
@Ockman: FF XI is pretty much turn-based so it is easily playable with a pad, every other MMO has a completely different style of play to FF XI, which is why a keyboard and mouse is needed.
Posted by keyhunter

In Guild  Wars they just call "companion characters" Heroes.

Posted by Fire_Marshall_Bill

I like game, but crap I would really have liked a  KOTOR 3

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companions that can heal?

Posted by Media_Master

still sounds good

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@bjorno said:

" shitty graphics!! where is the shadowing??? aaaaaaaa "

No they're stylized so it can run on more machines, like wow, the most successful pc game of all time.
And real time shadowing is one of the most performance killing things in games after polygons and physics simulation.  If you turn on real time lighting in wow (which was added in lich king) the game chugs like crazy if you've got an older pc.  Bioware may add it to the game later.
Posted by MeatSim

Yes! where is HK-47! he needs to show up in this game!

Posted by MacGeorge

 Best opening ten seconds of an interview EVER!

Posted by AddyMac

Shouldn't any Jedi/Sith be proficient in the Force?

Posted by VGShinobi1
Some will always be more proficient than others.