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Finally that quest is done!!!!

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I kinda liked the first one for being RTS-not-user friendly. Too bad I can't play this one. Aw, didn't spoil it for everybody else :(.

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Guess it's a good game, glad I finished it on Brutal.
EDIT: The ending of this review. Oh my god! My sides hurt from laughing.

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I hear it's amazing? 

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Hell, it's about time.

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I need a gaming pc.

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This better be JIMMY

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Video Review warrented.

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Awesome review 

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lol @ the end

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The end of this video is why there needs to be more video reviews.

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Video reviews are back!

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12 years and "eleventy" billion dollars...nice Brad

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The ending  of the review is awesome. I cant believe only one person mentioned it so far. 

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Awesome ending to the review.

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That last bit felt like watching the end of Inception for some reason. JUST PICK THE BURGER.

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Efffing great review Brad (an co) 
more importantly did you HF?

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Damn cliffhangers! What does Jimmy choose?

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choose the durger

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Burger or Durger?
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gg and I sure had Batman.

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I enjoy this game and I suck horribly. I'm playing on Casual for Pete's sake.

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Great review, love the ending. Jim faces some hard choices there. 
Durgers are really great.

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oh man, that ending is even better than the Alan Wake one.

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Nice review.

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@Kikimondingo said:

" 12 years and "eleventy" billion dollars...nice Brad "

That's... not... what he said... 
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You chose Tosh, Brad? LAME! He sucked.

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No chat rooms. 

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Not First?

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Damn, Jimmy!  Go for the burger, damn it!
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Burger, clearly the choice

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Durger please.

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Finally a video review to shut people-bitching-about-the-lack-of-them up.

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Lol end was fantastic!

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What is this game?

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loved the ending lol

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Great ending! 
This review just sold one copy of Starcraft 2. Great work Brad :)

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@Milkman said:
" You chose Tosh, Brad? LAME! He sucked. "
If you choose Tosh, you get spectres. Spectres are only in single player, and anyone who's played beta is already familiar with ghosts. Same reason I picked science vessel, hercules etc when given the choice over stuff I've already seen.
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I would go for the Burger personally. 
Also: This game looks so cool! 
AlsoAlso: Nice review!

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great ending.