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Man, Raam's awesome.

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I don't feel like this is a great trailer. But I've started the DLC and it does seem pretty cool, just got to playing as locust so that seems good fun.

Posted by Afroman269

This seems a bit late but this DLC did kick ass.

Posted by shodan2020

Raam's kryll-finger ability is pretty fucking amazing. It's like a super quick hammer of dawn made of kryll.

Posted by jonnyboy

This DLC needed waaaaaaaay more RAAM stuff. They could have added the him and the new maulers/therons to the beast mode too, that mode is a ton of fun and criminally overlooked.

Posted by Intro

Pretty late, but this DLC is great. Best DLC by Epic and a great 2 hour add-on.

Posted by bwheeeler

It was okay, I guess. Raam's sections were just "Go here, point your finger. You're so great. Do that five more times." The regular campaign stuff was fine, but poorly checkpointed and much jankier than the main game.

Posted by Masha2932

Who the hell are nuts and why should I care about their Game of the year? Not being rude just curious.

Posted by Double0hFor

I'm guessing they're gonna do Skorge next?

Posted by lockwoodx

Who knew aliens could be so macho? Oh that's right... it's because douchebags programmed him.

Posted by Mumrik

Haha, who almost muted the Pegi line at the start?

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@Masha2932: Nuts is a weekly FHM/Maxim style "lads" mag in the UK. Not an award I'd be that proud of, but hey.

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@DazzHardy: Thanks. I guessed it was something along those lines.
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The voice actor for the main character has really gotten around since Arkham City

Posted by Natesaint

This DLC was awesome. I felt it captured that dark, hopeless, about to be seriously doomed in a couple of hours feeling. It felt like Gears 1, good memories. The blackening sky, it was quite haunting, and it brought back Lt. Kim and created more of a background between he an RAAM.

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@DazzHardy said:

@Masha2932: Nuts is a weekly FHM/Maxim style "lads" mag in the UK. Not an award I'd be that proud of, but hey.

I thought the same thing, but then realized they're probably the only publication with the cojones to gives a Game of the Year award in November, or whenever it was that the article was written before it went to print.

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Heh, cool caption.

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Man this look's awesome, got me more excited more than any one game from this trilogy, I think because they finally have a cool main character.

Posted by WolfmanNCSU

This feels like it justified my purchase of the Gow Season Pass.

Posted by SensuousLettuce

It's good. Not great. Agreed that it seems less polished than the man game, and it would be great if there were collectibles throughout the environments, but overall it's good. I give it a solid B.

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