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Posted by Hobbaswaggle


Posted by armaan8014
@Hobbaswaggle: Gratz :D
Posted by Zurgfrog

Close but ahh well

Posted by Hero_Swe

Posted by Hobbaswaggle

haha I had given up on that quest a loooong time ago... 
on topic: If I didn't know what steel battalion was I would know nothing about this game from this trailer.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Did Capcom buy From Software? They seem to be doing a lot of business lately.

Posted by TobyD81

It works with Kinect? How? Must know more!

Posted by sizu
@Chris2KLee said:
" Did Capcom buy From Software? They seem to be doing a lot of business lately. "
capcom created & published the original two games on the xbox.
Posted by Bouke

You are the controller!?
Edited by Stonecutter

So... I could have a kick ass 40 button, 3 section controller with a set of pedals.
Or... I could wave my hands around with... nothing.  How is this an improvement?

Posted by bonbolapti


Posted by Lingxor

I would have thought a game like this would work better on the Move...

Posted by Bionicicide
Posted by Koobz

Yo, if this works for reals, like crazy Minority Report magic, I am going to pee myself.  Also, I will be excited.

Posted by SamuSlave

Have we trivialized world war II to the point of giant battling robots? I like think, Yes.

Posted by Frumpa

 wow an M16 in a game 40 years in the future. *sigh*
Posted by Authun

A Kinect Steel Battallion game with pseudo D-Day trailer and no ridiculous peripheral? Cats are barking, dogs are chasing mice and pandas are in heat.

Posted by ZeekDaGeek

O.o; Sexy.
But if you have mechs whats the point of sending in men to get stomped on by the mechs?

Posted by Enigma777

Sweet irony, we meet again...

Posted by sushisteve
@Stonecutter: If I'm going to drop over a hundred dollars on a controller, it might as well be something with a sweet eject button.
Posted by Stonecutter
@sushisteve said:
" @Stonecutter: If I'm going to drop over a hundred dollars on a controller, it might as well be something with a sweet eject button. "
AND a way to clean my windows!
Posted by FunExplosions

Well, hey. From Software. I like those guys. We'll see where this goes.

Posted by Lamashtu

Dude, the controller was half of the fun.

If I was playing Steal Battalion with that fantastically ginormous controller, sure I looked geeky and I could feel my virginity growing back, but it was geeky in a charming way.

With me waving my hands around with the Kinect, I'd feel like a douchebag

Posted by Daveyo520
@Hero_Swe said:
" Wait...what? "
Same here. This makes no sense. Why is it WWII with Mi6s and Mechs? They are wearing WWII cloths and storming a beach, but they have modern guns and future robots....
Posted by Olivaw

Mother fucker.
Someday a cool giant robot game will come out for a platform I own.

Posted by Toxin066

That font almost made it look like Steel Battalion: Hervy Armor.

Posted by ShoddyGo

lol nevermind

Posted by SnakeEyes327

It's no fun if you don't have that tactile sensation of using the 40 button controller. Sorry, but the start up sequence in the first 2 games was one of the coolest things ever, and not being able to do that and feel that again is a big letdown.


wait its going from a huge ass controller with more buttons than I have pairs of shoes to no buttons and no controller at all? Balsy Move.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

KINECT? Yo, what!?

Posted by Scrawnto
@Bionicicide: That's a good question.
Posted by ScaryGaryofAk


Posted by rargy

I heard "move" at least three times in that trailer.  Buying a Move.

Posted by Kefkaesque

Maybe it uses Kinect AND a normal controller. That would be cool.

Posted by Eribuster

World War 2 with mechs! Only from Japan.

Posted by Tennmuerti

You'd think that massed infantry on open ground would be kinda redundant against giant steel robots.

Posted by Johnny5

My initial reaction. 
 [19:19] <@J5> HOLY SHIT
[19:19] <@J5> a new steel batallion!
[19:19] <Hero_Swe> using kinect
[19:19] <Hero_Swe> :P
[19:19] <@J5> FFFFUCK
[19:19] <Hero_Swe> sorry brah     
First Front Mission, now this. I wish From Software would just work on improving Armored Core. 
Mechwarrior...you are my only hope. *sob sob*

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Why do those tanks need legs, now? IT IS MAKING NONE OF THE SENSE. NONE.

Posted by Krrutch

ah this sucks, i still play steel battalion [fairly regularly] and as some people have already said the controller was half the fun and immersion, seems like a shame such a great piece of kit is going to be left out; i would take that over the kinect anyday.
oh also, if you like mechwarrior 4 and still have the SB controller, you can play it with it on PC [you'll need an xbox to USB adapter, which are pretty cheap] and this - 

Posted by EpicReflex

Trading down in gimmicks. 

Posted by teh_pwnzorer

Kinect?  It's going to suck.

Posted by digniax@gmail.com

The Kinect thing at the end startled me.  The graphics for this looks like it's suppose to be a PSP trailer.

Posted by Xolare

Nolan North

Posted by IcySandman
@Frumpa: Not only that they look like they have WWII uniforms :O
Posted by Klarion18


Posted by adamfedoruk

problem is, I totally WANT this game to need a new crazy controller. =(

Posted by danpat177

this game is ugly :)

Edited by Bionicicide

I'm digging the alternate history and graphics look fine... for a Kinect game (ground texture needs work, but probably negligible when in a mech). I just worry it'll be on rails more than "No start up sequence."

Posted by get2sammyb

How do you go from having a billion buttons to none?

Posted by LordCmdrStryker

Damn it, From Software, you are supposed to be working on Otogi 3.  This is bull.

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