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Posted by Kraznor

Oh yeah,I own the original Steel Diver. I should play that?

Posted by StraightGrizzly

Drew is gonna be pumped!

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@kraznor said:

Oh yeah,I own the original Steel Diver. I should play that?

It's the best 99-cent game $40 can buy!

Posted by BamSaidTheLady

One of the buttons on the touch screen takes you to a morse code alphabet!

Posted by drewbert
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Posted by Imperatas

*sigh* Where's silent hunter when you need it

Posted by jarowdowsky

@imperatas: I'm about ready for a new simulation of subs.

Would love to see something as crazy as DCS' A10 underwater. Be kinda cool to have to actually scramble through a sub under fire.

Posted by CannedBread

@imperatas: It's busy being an incredibly shitty free to play browser game

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@cloudymusic said:

@kraznor said:

Oh yeah,I own the original Steel Diver. I should play that?

It's the best 99-cent game $40 can buy!

I paid $5 for my copy. Seems like that was the right price point for it.

The gameplay looks TOTALLY different though. Weird.

Posted by Doskias

I played a match of this online a few minutes ago. It's surprisingly rad.

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You wanted Nintendo to make new IPs! Here it is!

I've downloaded and played a bit of the single-player missions; it's neat. There is an exciting tension to the slow-paced naval combat. The full game is $9.99 and there are microtransactions for historical submarines.

Posted by Shaanyboi

I'll check this out tonight. I'm curious as to how it'll be received.

Posted by melodiousj

I played a bit of it… it's pretty neat. Nothing too thrilling, but the price is just about right. One thing that worries me is wether access to more subs will create a disparity between free and paid players. Nintendo's still new at this, so they might not have a good handle on how to balance that stuff.

One of the buttons on the touch screen takes you to a morse code alphabet!

I love that they actually went and made that the only way to chat… I also hate it a lot, but kudos to them for sticking to their guns on such a totally awesome dumb idea.

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@kraznor said:

Oh yeah,I own the original Steel Diver. I should play that?

Get a second 3DS and PLAY THEM BOTH AT ONCE!!

Posted by demazin

Nintendo is saved!

Posted by Hailinel

Looks like a vastly different game compared to the original. Steel Diver had a tepid launch on the 3DS, but given the right approach, it's a premise that could be done well.

Posted by FoxMulder

It's pretty dumb but still kinda fun to play online! and it's FREE!

Posted by magicwalnuts

This looks kind of awesome.

Posted by Melos

This announcement makes much more sense to me now than when I initially read it as Steel Diver: Star Wars.

Posted by JamesJeux007

It's not really F2P. It's more like an extended demo. And it's all right !

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You been down too long in the midnight sea. Oh what's becoming of me.

Posted by KDR_11k

Clicking on the store tells you to buy the premium version first, dunno what the microtransactions are like though.

Posted by Rrang

This is a pretty fun game! Played about 10 games last night, it's fun to time torpedo shots and have them land.

Pretty bad as a F2P game though... Locks 16 other ships out, with no other way to unlock them besides paying a flat $9.99. Decent variety with maps, however.

Posted by HammondofTexas

Did anyone else notice that this game is using Star Fox 64 sound effects for the explosions?

Posted by Thoseposers

never played a steel diver game before but after a few matches online of this i thought it was surprisingly cool

Posted by MeatSim

The battle between Subway and Quiznos is way more intense then I imagined.

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I am doing a Sean Connery Impression with a white turtle neck on and I just shot my neighbor who is Russian.

Posted by onan

That's ok, Steel Diver got clearanced so fast it was already a microtransaction.

I think I got it for $2.

Posted by melodiousj

The original Steel Diver was junk, pure and simple… but I'm actually starting to get into this one.

I think Iwata referring to the game as a "contemplative FPS" doesn't really do it any favours. It's a game very much defined by the limitations of naval combat. Your vessels are big, kind of slow and clumsy, and controlling them is not the most intuitive setup in the world. Oh, and you're probably gonna have to lead your torpedoes in order to hit anything.

It takes time to get the feel for how to pilot your sub, and I get the feeling that what I like about the game is probably the same things that'll make FPS players hate it.

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@melodiousj: i'm not sure you understand what contemplative means

Posted by Stims1946

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