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could be awesome
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cool, and that brush stroke style is pretty awesome

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OMG!!!!! I like Mortal Kombat more....

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This should be interesting. 

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That bit at the end was great.

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How does that even work?

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Awseome! Awesome! Awesome! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

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Oh shit. Sheeeeeit. This is going to be interesting.

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Crazy stuff man.

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This Will be pretty neat.

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lol great ending. And I so can't wait to see Dan being butted by Roger the Kangaroo.

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They also had a brief fight with Ryu and Chun repping the Street Fighter side and Kazuya and Nina for Tekken. It looked just like Street Fighter 4, with ultra combos and everything. I'm way more interested to see the Namco version. How do you possibly bring Street Fighter into 3D successfully?

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I need both games.. right now!

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Dang yo.

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The gameplay and graphics system is basically that of Street Fighter 4.

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Ending was great.

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Unbelievable and awesome. XD
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This could be the greatest fighting game... ever.

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Easy, you put Skullomania in it.
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What a crazy time this is to be living in. Fighting games have made a comeback. And, more importantly, crossover fighting games have made a comeback.

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I would much rather have a pacman megaman crossover.

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Ok, Is it bad that my favorite part of the video was the ending?
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I am literally crying tears of joy right now.

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2D or 3D?

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Oh SHIT! This is what Tekken needs. Looks like I actually am gonna pick the next Tekken up.

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@MSG said:
"How do you possibly bring Street Fighter into 3D successfully? "
you don't
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Capcom will be doing Street Fighter X Tekken, on a 2D plane. 
Then, Namco will do a Tekken X Street Fighter, on a 3D plane.
This is super exciting, and all part of "fighting games comin' back!"  In which they will get overly complicated and die all over again until Street Fighter V or VI comes out.

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I can't believe this..just incredible.amazing news

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SIgh. Lame. I could care less about Tekken. I was really hoping for Darkstalkers. Well, back to waiting another 13 years.

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My rage knows no bounds. Instead of a new Darkstalkers we get this shit? I'd rather have Street Fighter vs anthrax-filled AIDS than this.
At least with the Capcom vs Namco rumor we would have had some interesting characters, but Tekken's been shit ever since it left PS1.

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The two fighting games I've been playing recently are both Super Street Fighter 4, and Tekken 6.
And well... This is all kinds of awesome!

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Its Mortal Kombat vs DC all over again, FAIL!

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Amazing trailer. Thank the gods!

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Think ppl will probably stick with the SF crew on this as I know more people out there who are playing that over talking about tekken. On the other hand, yeah now there's even more moments of the same characters being picked (whatever Tekken's version of Ken where everyone & every other dog picks every damn time) while playing that I'll just quit & try some other game.

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Does this mean that Zangief can literally wrestle a bear now?
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Art style reminds me of last nights dream.....

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YEAH! Ryu and ...that..guy..


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@TadThuggish said:
" Capcom will be doing Street Fighter X Tekken, on a 2D plane.  Then, Namco will do a Tekken X Street Fighter, on a 3D plane.  "
Has this actually been confirmed?
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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Is all I can say :D

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Who could've seen this coming.. crazy!

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@AlKusanagi said:
" My rage knows no bounds. "
Was that an intentional Tekken 6 pun? 
btw has anyone confirmed that dragon punch input as Kazuya is his godfist ? 
And if you time the input correctly, you do the Electric?
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The amount of caring I have for Tekken is... negligible.

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Wait what?

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I thought Fighting game fans hated Tekken. Especially SF fans.  Either they make SF 3d or Tekken 2d.  Either way the hardcore fans could shit all over the mash up. 
Seems completely wrong.  They are so different in play style.  I  wouldn't be surprised if it was awesome, but it just seems  like they don't go together, because you would have to change essential game play mechanics to make it work.  
Fuck with those essentials and you just end up dumbing one down to the point of just an excuse to add new characters. 
Interested to see how this crazy shit will turn out.  Need some input from the J Man.  Only he can guide us.

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I can not think of a worse possible name.
Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Holy shit.  This is great.