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fighting or you know, close ups of hands and feet

Posted by TimFReilly

Character teasers are played out.

Posted by RecSpec

Ibuki, on the scene.

Posted by SgtGrumbles

Wow these are terrible teasers, a tease usually implies getting a hint of something…

Posted by outerabiz


Posted by Banzai_NL

Right.. This shows FUCK ALL. Come one guys..

Posted by jomateix


Posted by onimonkii
@RecSpec said:

Ibuki, on the scene.

Posted by Vexxan

Finish the puzzle - 2013.

Posted by Lifestrike
E. Honda the Second.
Posted by leroyrockwell

@onimonkii said:

@RecSpec said:

Ibuki, on the scene.

Fans of Don-chan unite.

Posted by yoplin

It's like someone ripped up pictures of the characters and just dumped them on the floor 

Posted by Slaker117

The UMvC3 character leak just makes marketing bs like this look even dumber.

Posted by HerbieBug
@TimFReilly said:

Character teasers are played out.

This is apparently the only way Capcom knows how to market.  Note the bitter bitter tears of anguish and woe whenever their character lists get leaked.  They don't know what else to do.  
Posted by MeatSim

I hope the roster get's leaked so that these teasers become pointless.

Posted by Dragoness1993