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Posted by Nemuel

Is this really the right way to get hype ?

Posted by Terjay

I guess you meant "bear-ly"?

Posted by the_Hollow

I can barely wait for more reveals

Posted by GlenTennis

@Terjay said:

I guess you meant "bear-ly"?


Posted by RE_Player1

I'm more interested in Tekken X Street Fighter.

Posted by Terjay
@GlenTennis said:

@Terjay said:

I guess you meant "bear-ly"?


A pun is a terrible thing to waste.
Posted by lord_canti

to my knowledge there trying to match characters in similaritys ... who would kuma's match be in street fighter ?

Posted by RecSpec

Zangief needs to be in this game now.

Posted by Terjay
@RecSpec said:

Zangief needs to be in this game now.

Oh yeah... Some bear on bear action.
Posted by InsidiousTuna

Christ, when's the Zangief reveal?

Posted by I_smell

what does this mean???

Posted by Yummylee

Which should also technically confirm Panda too =P

Posted by leejunfan83
@the_chojin99: the bear crusher
Posted by Mr_Skeleton

I will wait for the next version of this game.

Posted by Phonics

they better balance this fucker better than they did in tekken. then again SFxT probably wont be more than a party game.

Posted by TooWalrus

Still no Bison?

Posted by Michaelblack18

still can't wait to use steve fox and poison in this

Posted by DrJota
@Terjay: Ursa funny!
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@Michaelblack18: You haven't seen Posion yet?
Posted by Agent47
@Nemuel: Well when you have Street Fighter and Tekken in your title there really isn't much you need to do.Just need some to remind people is all.
Posted by DS23

Kuma supremacy!
Posted by HerbieBug
@RecSpec said:

Zangief needs to be in this game now.

You can expect any and all SFIV characters to appear in some iteration of this game for the next two or three years.  They're pretty much lifting those models directly out of SFIV and dumping them in here in sloppy half assed fashion.  Ken still looks like he has down's syndrome fergodssakes.   
Posted by Nightfang
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Posted by Eyz

Awesome! I kinda wish they'd go with more fun choices in this game, and not be only stuck with Tekken and SF characters, like putting in here Pac-man, Megaman, etc..

Posted by Terjay
@DrJota said:
@Terjay: Ursa funny!
Nice one.
Posted by crithon

ugh, these teasers for SF vs Tekken are dull and unsatisfying. 

Posted by MeatSim

Well that was a waste of time.