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Can't they just download the file from Twitch?

I'm not being snarky, that's just something I thought they could do!

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so many hours of content this week. like 10,000 hours after TNT tomorrow.

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@drekly said:


Can't they just download the file from Twitch?

I'm not being snarky, that's just something I thought they could do!

Twitch doesn't archive HD.

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It's really not that slow a week. We've got a new God of War and the 800 lbs. gorilla that is Heart of the Swarm, that's two major releases. We're finally getting into some exciting release territory with every week offering up at least one big game.

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Man, I fucking love Giant Bomb.

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Evolving Wednesdays

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yay. I really like this new feature. I didn't think GS plus GB would work, but it totally does for me

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Awesome! missed this earlier today

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Peace out, fishes.

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Huh, my red Comments bar up top shows 9 comments, the white comments number next to sorting button says 11, and only 1 is showing on screen, go figure.

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Much better than last week. I enjoyed this one.

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@drekly: They could but the quality would be worse. Actually they record it while broadcasting, so really they just have to compress and what not and then upload. It's just crazy cus it was on Gamespot like 30 minutes or something after they finished the show.

Crazy fast.

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@haltiamreptar: When I watch the archive I thought it was the same 720p+ that it was streamed at. I'm not 100% sure since it just says "Best" for the quality selector, but looks the same to me. But doesn't really matter. I rather watch the one on GB since I can cache the entire video at once. Sometimes my internet turns to crap and I can't even stream anything so I just let it sit for like 30minutes then watch. On Twitch I can't do that since it's separated into 30 minute chunks.

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Darkstalkers is still awesome.

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watching it right now, its alright, its much better than last weeks one. (maxwell is a little bit cringeworthy)

ironically, its much more loose than unprofessional fridays :P

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Continuing coverage on your number 1 source for Starcraft 2 "quick" looks, Giant Bomb!

Tune in tomorrow for another 15 hours of Starcraft 2.

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This was great! GS guys seemed a lot more comfortable and everything meshed well and Vinny was on fire! Love the new show.

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Man I love this, the Gamestop guys are really awesome.

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I like doin' that hard "A". I died.

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Don't like the GS guy who demoed ME3 last week. Annoying presence. Bad at demoing.

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This week was big step up from last, looking forward to future episodes(?)


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I thought this weeks episode was much more enjoyable than last weeks. Ryan and Vinny were in top form.

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Loved the impromptu Vinny vs. Max scrub league. Great show.

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Chris Watters is a consummate professional and my favorite person on Gamespot.

Dude is also funny and fast on his feet! Really digging this crossover.

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Patrick's sniping 30 minutes in is amazing.

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Even though he's technically not hosting, I love that Ryan still took authoritative control over the show at the end there. Poor Greg, but I have to admit that I cringed at "peace out" too. Such a clearly not-GB thing to say.

But as far as the show itself, well done. I wasn't entirely sure last week, but I'm okay with this becoming a thing now. Taking it a bit slower makes it feel a lot more like proper Giantbomb content.

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Chis Waters was cool but man so many swings and misse. Still like what these guys do.

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@voltronadactylsaurusrex: It was some very unkind words about one "Noah Cherry".

Does anyone else want to see a regular GB vs. GS feature? Vinny trying to poolshark Maxwell into Darkstalkers cash games was easily my favorite part of the show.

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Fuck It Man, I Dunno Wednesdays

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Not Patrick's best day of gaming. His sniper effort was pretty great.

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Gamespot guys seem alright.

Glad to have them on.

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professional wednesdays!

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Love Giant Bomb, Hate Gamespot.

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Chris Watters seems, heck even is, a pretty cool dude. Digging his inclusion on the Wednesday new release show. Oh and Peace Out of course.

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Third person in ArmA? What a pussy! I should probably be clear, that is a joke. Before the mods freak out.

Alright, yeah, after this guy saying he's not really an ArmA guy, I think I might have to make a video of ArmA for the GB community. A community QL if you will.

Also, ArmA sells gangbusters dude, they don't need to appeal to the masses any more. And if you spend a few days learning the game, it becomes second nature. Simulations should be hard, they should require a learning curve, that's the whole fucking point, and if you don't like it, go play the other more gamey sims. Those are cool for that stuff, but fuck you for thinking they should be more like other games. That's the opposite of the point, and the extreme opposite of what most people play ArmA as, which is with things like ACE which makes everything more complex, or ACRE which SIMULATES A REAL RADIO NETWORK WHERE YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT RADIO ON YOUR PLAYER TO USE IT, DISTANCE/TERRAIN INFLUENCES SIGNAL STRENGTH, ETC. I don't know why that guy is bothering to critique ArmA for not being like the other easier going games.

I usually don't get pissed at stuff like this, but what the fuck is wrong with that guy? I'm totally cool with people not liking ArmA because it takes a while to warm up to unless you're seriously into sims, because it's clunky. I'm not cool with some guy who doesn't even care for the series thinking it's his place to talk about how the game shouldn't be the way the community wants it. If it was up to the ArmA community, ArmA would have ACE and ACRE by default (which by the way, I've heard some things being said suggesting that the ACE guys are working directly with BI on "something" from the ACRE guy).

And man, they got some great glitches. Would love to see the Mortar catapult.

@vinny Don't worry, TrackIR is totally supported in ArmA 3. In fact, even FreeTrack, which is the free, open source version works out of the game with ArmA 3. Ryan be crazy.

Man, slowly squeezing the trigger is a cool mechanic for a sniper game. Nice touch.

Modern snipers are very different from Vietnam and earlier. They usually operate in larger teams, often larger than a full fireteam (which is usually 4 individuals). And depending on their mission, they can do a whole lot of things. And they usually are capable of holding out in a building for a while if the shit goes down. They also regularly play 'guardian angel' for infantry in an AO so in that case, they can actually be pretty active.

I actually think a sniper game with the kind of care for realistic modern sniping could be really cool, there are a lot of crazy techniques that are used. One of them involves shooting through a tiny hole (like, just big enough for a round to pass through) in a wall or obstacle using some complex math and the like, to avoid being spotted. Assuming you don't miss the hole and give away your exact position.

And again, they have a much broader role these days. They can act as recon for troop advances, they can act as forward observers to direct artillery, they can act as overwatch against infantry or at checkpoints or for things like suspected IEDs, and they can do the more traditional stuff like take our high priority targets or counter sniping.

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i like maxwell. he has legitimate fighting game knowledge which is rare on mainstream sites.

this other dude is a bit of a clown but seeing him and ryan go at it was fantastically cringe worthy in a way i can get behind.

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Holy crap, Vinny was absolutely killing it. Especially when Maxwell was on!

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Peace out!

I even enjoyed this show. Much better than last week.

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so wait is the eventual goal to get some kind of live show thingy for every day of the week (maybe at least working week)?

on one hand seems excessive but OTOH bring it on!!

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Chris Waters is great! Can he just be absorbed into the giant bomb proper? He's like the deadpan straightman for Vinny.

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So, this is going to be up every week than? It's a great idea. It also seems like they took the criticism that people were saying.

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New/best title: #Wednesday

EDIT: Newer/bester title: Wednesday: Vinny Plays Sleepy Dogs