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Is Shigeru Miyamoto involved with this at all?

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I've made a huge mistake (I just sold my WiiU)

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@fattylobotnik: Yeah. Also I forget where but somewhere on the great wide internet is a video of him nerding out about how much he loves the new cat suit.

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seriously, this game looks amazing as fuck

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Will the sequel to Giant Bomb's 2012's 2011 GOTY be 2014's 2013 GOTY?

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This should move some WiiUs out of the shelves...

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Oh shit! I take back everything I said when they announced the game. What they were showing at E3 looked like a super lazy HD-ified version of the 3DS game... this looks fucking fantastic.

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OH MAN. This looks stinkin' GREAT.

Just as soon as they put out a white Wii U Deluxe, I'll totally get one. Holy crap. You can never have enough great platformers.

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I really hope that pimp ass Bowsermobile is in Mario Kart 8.

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@gunstarred: I've seen a lot if people saying the same thing. They should have shown this stuff at E3.

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You ever get the idea that the Mario team is on drugs?

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Welp, the guy who was bragging about the see-through pipes was really underselling this game.

I was going to buy it anyway, but this trailer was pretty damn awesome.

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Shigeru Miyamoto started taking LSD.

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I'm guessing from the end, this is the Youtube version of the trailer. Explains the 30 fps.

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THAT'S more like it Mario!

Also, Kuribo's Skate?

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Anyone wanna loan me a WiiU for a week or so;)

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Fucking Incredible!!

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i absolutely do not give a shit what other people think, this game looks sweet

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First Wii U game that actually makes me want to own a Wii U.

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It saddens me that this does nothing for me.

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I loved 3D Land and this initially just looked like more of that but there's so much new stuff and it looks gorgeous. It's looking more and more like I'll be purchasing a Wii U this year.

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Man, finally a game on the Wii U that makes me want to get it. All I need now is a new Metroid game and maybe a Zelda and I'd be on board. Hmm... Might start saving some money and patiently wait for more titles.

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Shigeru Miyamoto started taking LSD.


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The Wii U is slowly accumulating enough games I want to play. This looks great.

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Great trailer, so much variety on display. Could be a hell of a Mario game and a real reason to buy a Wii U.

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This looks super fun.

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Goombas in inner tubes. GOTY.

This game is tits.

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Holy crap this game looks so much better now than from the E3 trailer. This looks incredible. I am very happy that I just picked up the Wind Waker Wii U. Wind Waker is great, I'm going to pick up Pikmin at some point, and I will definitely be grabbing the Wii U version of Rayman Legends. The Wii U is starting to have a lineup worth owning it for.

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This looks really good, glad I got my Wii U.

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Okay, I was actually impressed by that. This has not happened to me since Galaxy

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Man, the E3 trailer was totally disappointing to me but this? This looks amazing.

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Is it any surprise that Nintendo crafts yet another Super Mario masterpiece?

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Looks good, awesome music, but I'm just so tired of Mario and his lack of personality and character.

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It's good to see that they've finally updated the graphics. This game looks fun, but it's just a shame I don't own a U.

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Cool. I had just ordered the Wind Waker Wii U this weekend.

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I think that I may end up buying a Wii U instead of a PS4 this fall...this game. I'm happily eating crow right now.

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Looks good, awesome music, but I'm just so tired of Mario and his lack of personality and character.

lack of personality and character?! LACK O-are we watching the sam- I mean what the fuck are you watching, dude?

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That looks awesome. Just an insane level of crazy options

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I should probably buy a Wii U...

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@quantris said:

Welp, the guy who was bragging about the see-through pipes was really underselling this game.

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Fuck me, this looks so much better.

It's crow-eatin' time...

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Hammer Bros. suit! Goomba suit? This looks pretty cool.

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How do they do it? How do they come up with such variety for such core components? This looks absolutely fun.

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omg...this is awesome,tubular,gnarly,groovy,way cool,funky......outrageousssssss

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But in all seriousness, this is the first time I've regretted not having a Wii U.