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More mini-games.

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Walmart will ban it.

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I'm really puzzled by the criteria a video needs to meet to be posted on GB. I've often heard the crew say that they want to show things that interest their users but it looks like they are simply paid by the publisher to post this. 
Some clarity would be nice. 
Some actual gameplay footage of this game would also be better.

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Minigames trailer? isn't the whole game minigames?

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@Milkman said:

" Minigames trailer? isn't the whole game minigames? "

The minigames are just some added stuff, it was the same for the previous game. Why Giantbomb is only showing the minigames is beyond me...
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needs more MONKKIEEES!

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I didnt see ONE monkey in a ball in that video. Disapointing.

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Oh Sega, you just keep on making trash.  If not for the Yakuza games I don't think you'd still be in business.  It's time to fade away like every other sad arcade company.

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Climbing that ladder took four and a half minutes? F that!

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Wow, what a bad trailer.

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Instead of making a comment about how there are to many mini-game collections. I will just say that I like 

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