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Posted by CitizenJP

Oh snap.

Posted by Belonpopo

He looks like a MAJOR pain to fight, I also see a Haken overload online.

Posted by sexy_nipples

Boy vs. Girl. 
They get oil on each other.  
And at 1:45 
Is that 69? 

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He could have at least bought her dinner before pulling out that last move.

Posted by cap123

sluuurrrppp sploop
oily sound effects are oily

Posted by louiedog

He's just bizarre.

Posted by Milkman

Pretty sure that last ultra should bump up Super Street Fighter IV's ESRB rating.

Posted by darkjester74

That was disturbing...

Posted by coonce

favorite thing: 

 Hakan Pooping Out His Opponent.
Posted by Xeiphyer
@TheFourth said:
" First  Edit: Just had to say it =) "
Die in a fire. Also, thats against the site rules. =P
Posted by BenderUnit22

How can he do this to my Juri? Travesty, although his ultras are funny as hell.

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Turkish oil wrestling ftw, lol! 
Hakan is a really cool character!
Posted by oddjob

Hippos are cool

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Posted by Phantom_Gardener

How the hell do the come up with all these weird characters?

Posted by I_smell

What the fuck did I just watch??

Posted by I_smell

Also, this was the video that I decided Juri's costume is hot.

Posted by MarkWahlberg
@GunnBjorn: So I'm not the only one who got that! It's definitely a new fighting style to add to this kind of game, although this is clearly not how it actually works.
Posted by Afroman269

Did I just witness rape?

Posted by Sanj

This is the funniest Street Fighter fight i've seen. A combination of that weirdo Hakan and "I'll have my revenge!!".
Posted by FunExplosions

I can't get over that new announcer. I bet it will leave a kind of NBA Jam-like impression on me.

Posted by Irish87

Seriously, Juri should consider filing a molestation law suit against him.

Posted by GunnBjorn
Well, she's pretty much asking for it by saying: 'Hmm... You look like you're in good shape.' 
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@Afroman269 said:
"Did I just witness rape? "
Yes, I believe so.
Posted by fooflighter737
@Afroman269 said:
" Did I just witness rape? "
Posted by MeatSim

That guy needs some suntan lotion not oil.

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Wow. A character I actually hate more than T. Hawk and Deejay. Congratulations Capcom, you did what I didn't think was possible.

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@PureRok said:
" Wow. A character I actually hate more than T. Hawk and Deejay. Congratulations Capcom, you did what I didn't think was possible.
He's amazing!
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What the fuck.... Turkish(SP?) Hellboy with an oil fetish. No thanks.

Posted by swamplord666

haha i know i'm in a minority but hakans craziness is awesome! I could never have anticipated that an oiled up hellboy would make a good fighter!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

He is literally beyond my wildest dreams. I never even imagined a character as crazy and ingenious in SSFIV, since most of the vanilla characters are either the original fighting game cast (more or less), or just rather bland. He's definitely going to be a character I play a lot, but certainly not before Dudley or Juri. 

Posted by TheLastNeo

Hakan is definetly up there in terms of weird ass SF Characters...