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It's about time.

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Dolphin Lundgren.... I need this game.

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Looks great... call me when its on ps4 or vita.

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Wow, that music is great

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I'm just glad that Denver the Last Dinosaur is finally getting equal representation in video games.

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It feels like this game has been in development for like, a million years. Or at least, when they first showed it, they showed what felt like so much of it that surely it was almost done. Then fast forward like 2 years, and now it's finally coming out.

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Awwwww yeah. Can't wait to finally play this.

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Shame it has taken so long for STF to come out, 360 died back in February and the earliest i see myself getting an XB1 is November. So STF will probably be filed under "game I want to play but never will because i will have newer games I will want to play instead"

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Right before my birthday, great.

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That music is fantastic. Can't wait to check this out.

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Played great at PAX: East. Really wish it was on PS4 :-(

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This is still coming on PC right??

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I really like the death cries, they're very well done, as you should hope so in a game where you will be dying so much.

While I liked the idea of the original concept, and I understand why they weren't quite able to do it yet, I still think this looks like alot of fun.

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I wonder how long until this comes to PC? It looks cool, but I don't plan on buying a Xone anytime soon.

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Music sounds like ComputeHer a chiptune band

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Wait, this isn't coming to PS4? Aww fuck. Oh well, guess I'll never play it.

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I waited a few months to buy an X1 since I was pretty wary around "launch window" but honestly since the purchase I've had very few complaints, this just is the icing on the cake.

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I thought it was coming to 360 too?

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@pinner458 I'm pretty sure it's Xbox One and XBLA which indicates the 360 also. It was originally a 360 exclusive, but it wouldn't surprise me if they had finished the game a little while ago and Microsoft told them to hold off and work on a simultaneous release. Really excited for this one!

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Aaand people bitching about pixel art in 3... 2... 1...

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Hopefully it gets a port to PC soon

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@wafflez: you need your pixel art in high res

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Super! You won't have to force me to play it this time.

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Good news, I just bought a Bone.

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This game looks great! Hopefully it ends up on Steam at some point.

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It's a shame that this is only on 360 and xbone. Can't wait to get it when it releases on pc or ps4.

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Oh, right! This game exists!


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It's about time.

Heh, yeah, wasn't this announced about the same time as Super Meat Boy and VVVVVV? Like 2009-2010-ish?

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Wait... there's no PC version coming?

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Looking good!