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How did I NOT get that? omg

Edit: I deserved it. Serves me right for trying to get the evilest quest of all.

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Meat Loaf.

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Jimmy was a race car driver.

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huh... Most people just go to resorts...

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@idlehands: my condolences i managed to get it and i was NOT proud of the way i had to get it. you should ask dave to fix it for you though, you can just show him the proof that you posted first on this video ;)

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@wealllikepie: I actually never cared for this quest until I finally saw a video freshly posted without comment. Now I feel the itch for it and I feel dirty. What have you done to me Giantbomb!

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Guys I already pre-ordered the damn game today. Stop making awesome trailers, I can't give you any more money.

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They need to put this out on Vita. I would buy it day -1

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After watching the Quick Look Road Show, I wanted to play any SSX game so badly. Unfortunately, Gamestop doesn't carry PS2 or Xbox games anymore and the 2 by me didn't have any GameCube or PSP versions. Well at least their is still eBay...I now have all 4 SSX games being shipped to me for less than $20 haha, Just wish I had them or this NOW!

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I originally wasn't interested in SSX, but after the QL and digging more into it, I'm actually looking forward to it.

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Man I wish this was coming to PC.

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Will there be cannibalized skeletons around the plane wreckage?

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@RKTJMP said:

Man I wish this was coming to PC.

I do too, it would be especially good for the custom soundtrack feature.

Posted by CapnThrash

really excited for this one!

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Gahhh, all these trailers are making the wait unbearable. I hope you can make custom soundtracks, I have a lot of music in mind.

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I was pretty indifferent about this one before the Quick Look, now I must have it!

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I'm getting a strong Burnout feeling watching this, looks awesome!

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@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

Will there be cannibalized skeletons around the plane wreckage?

I was thinking something along that line too, would be awesome if they had thrown in some Valve-style environmental storytelling in there, something you could just pass by without noticing while playing regularly, but if you for some reason stopped by the wreckage you'd find out about the last few days of the lives of the people aboard that plane.

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A plane wreckage in the snow? Can we also expect Liam Neeson and some wolves to make an appearance?

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I want it, always loved me some SSX.

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Yep, still looks awesome. Definitely glad that original teaser trailer didn't turn out to be indicative of the overall direction of this project.

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The last snowboarding game I bought was 1080 for the N64. It's about time I get another one.

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The SSX I see, the more I can't wait for it. If you doubt head over and watch the Quick Look EX for it. AWESOME!

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@RKTJMP said:

Man I wish this was coming to PC.


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Patagonia was my favorite Outkast album.

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@BoomSnapClap113 said:

@RKTJMP said:

Man I wish this was coming to PC.


a thousand times