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Funniest moment is at 1:03.

Klepek looks like he sees a free sandwich sitting off camera.

That's the Sinners Sandwich, Zach.

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That was good. And probably appropiatte and fitting to the reality.

What to do w/Swery? He is serious...I have to do DP. I have it, it is in the wrapper still just like Duke Nukem Forever. But there is a chasm without bottom betwixt the reason why...

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Best video i've seen in a very very long time

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When he's upside down, SWERY looks like Norman Chan.

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I fucking love this web site.

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I giggled like a child throughout the whole video.

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Can somebody please tell me what this song is called? I need it bad.

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@ThomasFunkyEdison: Life is beautiful

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@SaintOfKillers: Thank ye kindly.

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I liked the explosions.

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@ThomasFunkyEdison said:

Can somebody please tell me what this song is called? I need it bad.

I dont know, but its in the game so im sure it has to be listed somewhere.

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I liked the part where nobody said anything.

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Thank you for wasting my time.

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Here you go guys .



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LOL, that's amazing

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BRILLIANT! I will buy Deadly Premonition again for sure!

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BEST. INTERVIEW. Ever produced! Ain't that right, Zack? It reminds me of... that's right, that's awesome game that was released a few years ago. And did you know that... that's right again. It's going to be re-released. I cannot wait for it. Ho, you too Zack? Let's have some more coffee.

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I feel good about the last three minutes.

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Perfection. Well done guys. Zach approves.

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Man, that was pretty great.

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SWERY is quite an attractive man.

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Hey, lets make a video that is trying to hard to be funny because we made a crappy interview out of it!

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The most expressive glasses in the industry.

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I love that Swery linked both the interview and this "directors cut" in his blog.

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This was great!

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Reposting Best of Ryan videos? If so, a wonderful tribute.

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RIP Ryan Davis.

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Goodbye Ryan. Moments like this will be a forever tribute to how amazing you were.

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Haha. That was greeat. Patrick looks so weird without the facial hair o.o Looks younger.

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I cried a little

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Haha, yes. So glad we're remembering Ryan the right way.

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Heh, this was great. Silly, dumb, great.

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Miss him already.

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forever <> Ryan

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Goddamnit, this is all my favourite things about Giant Bomb in one video. Ryan and Patrick, Deadly Premonition ER, "Life is Beautiful", and shenanigans by Drew.

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And there you have it indeed :(

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Exactly. I'm glad too. This is the way Ryan would want things. For the laughter to continue and for him to be remembered with smiles.

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Yep, this is how I would do it too.

RIP Ryan Davis

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Pretty f****'n great.

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I never thought this video would make me cry too. :'(

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This nearly brought me to tears.

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Oh man I am tearing up watching this. RIP Ryan Davis

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And there you have it...

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well, there go the tears. Fuck.

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And there you have it. <>

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why you do this :(

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Yup tears everywhere