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Oh man, this map was dope on 1943

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Everything old is new again.

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Seriously better be more than three points on the 64 player PC version..

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Looks great. I didn't get the limited edition version so looks like I'm going to have to pay for it but it's a good game so I'm not mad.

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Can't wait to play this TONIGHT.

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Sweet. Got something to play tonight.

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@msavo: weren't they all limited editions?

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@Triphos The first run were. Also I got it new for $40 because I bought it a couple days ago.
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Battlefield... FUCK YEAH!

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Man, this map has been redone in every Battlefield game not named Bad Company or Heroes namely 1942, Vietnam (as a mod) 2, 2142, and 1943.

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Love Wake and really wanna play this but something about paying $15 for maps I was playing to death like 7 years ago seems not right to me. If it was 800 MSP I wouldn't feel that bad about it but 1200.. ehh.

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Why does ps3 get it first when pc lead platform? ..... x.x You make no sense EA.

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@slyspider: http://bf3blog.com/2011/11/battlefield-3-lead-platform-was-on-consoles-after-all/


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They should do a TNT when this is out. Would prefer to see some more of the PC version.. but consoles are okay too. I´m mostly interested in the maps and what they´ve changed.

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@slyspider: Because Sony payed money for it. I bought it on the PC too and you don't see me crying over it.

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I'm home.

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@Triphos said:

@msavo: weren't they all limited editions?

No. Mine was first edition and did not include the code. I bought from a mom and pop store, so they probably were only able to get standard editions from their distributor.

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Oh boy..Wake Island....again.

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I like to think that, to get the footage for these trailers, they only have to play a single game on one map. Alotta crazy shit can happen in just 1 Battlefield 3 match.

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@GaspoweR: It's actually in BF Heroes also, just without boats. That makes 7 times now that Wake has been in a Battlefield game, since the WWII mod with Wake for BFV was an official add-on produced by EA. I know, I know....it's shocking that EA would reiterate something.

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Day 1 is going to be all about the skid loader, isn't it?

Then the novelty will wear off.

Then everyone will go back to engineer and support.

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No Steam, No Sale

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No Steam, No Sale

You're missing out.

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Console, from the looks of it.

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At 1:06, does the tank have three dots which mean there can be three people inside it?

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@slyspider: http://bf3blog.com/2011/11/battlefield-3-lead-platform-was-on-consoles-after-all/


Now that explains some things. :S

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@Death_Unicorn: Yes. The Driver/Main Gunner, Machine Gunner and CITV Station man.

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@Rirse said:

No Steam, No Sale

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I can't wait for it. The funny thing is I purchased Black Ops for the PS3 and had to wait a month for DLC and now I bought BF3 for the 360 and have to wait a week. I guess I must love waiting.

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@Rirse: That's nice. Now run along little one.

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forklifts finally a game that you can use them that is not a simulator

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forklifts finally a game that you can use them that is not a simulator

Uhh... Shenmue.

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@yorro And from the message saying that this is PS3 footage.
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@slyspider This is because of 1943 fuckup.
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Forklift IEDs anyone?

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Not gonna lie. That looks tight.

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This is why I love battlefield.

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Should go back and play some BF3 when this is out

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@slyspider said:

Why does ps3 get it first when pc lead platform? ..... x.x You make no sense EA.

1943 fuck up. Why you no read important news articles! WHY YOU NO READ! And pc was not main focus. PC is rarely the lead platform anymore on games as pc sells astronomically less then consoles do. Also, when has PC been given first crack at DLC for multi platform? I honestly would like to know as I dont remember a game yet that PC got dlc first.

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@Wuddel said:

@yorro And from the message saying that this is PS3 footage.

Hmmmm, the plot thickens. We must investigate further!

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I enjoy their choice of music for these trailers. Kind of reminds me of Solar Fields for Mirror's Edge.

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Lookin' good.

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@Snoman: Oh right...hehe! It's been awhile now but I forgot that it was DICE who put out the mod. Didn't know about it being in BF Heroes though. Didn't play enough of it unfortunately.

Well, you know can't blame them for reiterating. I mean I've played on Wake Island A LOT in 1942 and Battlefield 2 and it is probably one of the most well balanced maps in my opinion wherein it will always be a war of attrition when both sides are playing properly.

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This map will be a lot fun with stinger missiles.