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I want to take him with me!

EDIT: This is the fifth time now.

Posted by Cloudenvy

Looks like an Uncharted game on a handheld!

Which of course means I'll buy it the moment it is released.

Posted by wealllikepie

well this is cool

Posted by novak

Well that was awkward.

Posted by tekmojo

OMG pickup truck set piece! Seriously though, looks decent lol

Posted by devilzrule27

gimme gimme gimme

Posted by Afroman269

I was excited for this but then I finished Uncharted 3. I'm no longer interested in playing another Uncharted game and that goes double for a handheld version of one. No thank you and good day.

Posted by RVonE

Hmm, some parts look pretty good but others don't look so hot.

Still don't get the appeal of playing this kind of game on a handheld, though.

Posted by RE_Player1

I'll buy it and I'll enjoy it.

Posted by AngelN7

@tekmojo said:

OMG pickup truck set piece! Seriously though, looks decent lol

Yeah It dosn't pack the punch as the other Uncharted set pieces but it looks alright, your right "that truck is gonna hit Drake oh no!" is funny because how hard is trying.

Posted by Vitor

I hate hate HATE the character design and every piece of dialogue I've heard so far. Really worried about this from a story aspect, although I'm sure it'll be a competent shooter but, let's face it, people don't really come to the Uncharted series just for the shooting.

Also, from the demos I've seen them give of this game so far, they really do not have ND's panache for framing set pieces. I'm sure they're doing some impressive stuff with the engine, but the way those scenes fold out just doesn't hold a candle to ND in terms of pacing/framing and that is not a graphics issue, purely a presentational one and one that I hope ND will help them with.

Posted by kennybaese

This is the game that keeps tempting me to go and buy a VIta when it comes out... I don't know that I want to pay $300 for Uncharted though...

Posted by MormonWarrior

@walkingcarpet said:

This is the game that keeps tempting me to go and buy a VIta when it comes out... I don't know that I want to pay $300 for Uncharted though...

I just did that with the PS3 holiday bundle. Beat the game twice, then sold it all.

The Vita is looking kinda tempting...but they'd need to fix the major flaw with the PSP, being the poor parental controls (or the fact that you could reset them without a password). I doubt that'll be fixed. But the touch/motion stuff in some cases could make it more visceral, and it plays downloaded PSP games, so...it's intriguing.

Not $250 intriguing, mind you.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

Nolan North? In MY pocket? Awwwww yeaaaah.

Posted by Chubbaluphigous

My Nolan, My Nolan, My Nolan and Me.

Wherever I go, he goes with me.

Posted by Kerned

Wow. That looks... gimmicky.

Posted by SparkleMotion

Did they just give away a plot twist in the trailer?

Posted by MusiM

I've discovered recently its impossible to write a compliment on a message run without sounding like a spambot.

Anyway, love the interview and the joking around. It would be pretty awesome to see more interviews with voice actors, especially any of the people North named.

Posted by mariokart64fan

im slapping 250 down next month from this months pay check ,,

then on the 22nd im getting uncharted and a memory card as well as re revelation s for my 3ds the only other vita games i see im interisted in is asphat -dec 2012 and ridge racer -launch , so until vita gets games i like im still sticking to my 3ds by far ,also i am gonna be buying a new phat original ds or dslite to replace my old one from last night that fell so , ya aint goin crazy with vita just yet i see no reason why i should, with 15 3ds games ocupying my time and the hundreds of ps3 games i have missed over the years i just now got into that system in 2008 was my first game dispite it c oming and i had it since 07 , so its kind of slow , sony just screwed up this entire gen for me , as why i have so little ps3 games i dont like multiplats on ps3 cause music is big factor i play my music while playing those games on xbox360 ,

also it took sony 3 yrs to get points cards out thus leaving me no choice but to choose 360 or wii versions,

speaking of wii i still got 4 games to get for that system before it comes to a close

they are

kirby return to dreamland

zelda skyward sword

marioparty 9 -oh how many years it took nintendo

and finally wii party any other game i probably get will be used and cheap but ya, my schedule is packed with wii u around the corner vita just looking like the psp all over again i probably wont get to it until later in its run , unless a driver or gta game comes thats another story , or 007

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Man, these 1st generation PS Vita games look really good, graphically speaking. I don't even think 1st gen PS3/360 games looked this impressive (just look at Perfect Dark Zero or Resistance: Fall of Man). Makes me wonder how good PSV games will look in 3-4 years, considering how even early generation PSP games don't hold a candle to current PSP games in terms of visuals.

Posted by Addfwyn

@walkingcarpet: I already have mind ordered, will be picking it up in just a few days. Probably will end up doing a series of write-ups. Might give you something to judge better by the time it gets a western launch.

Posted by Solh0und

I will definitely pick up a Vita....next holiday season

Posted by SSully

I don't want to play uncharted on a portable device. Sony needs to learn that this isn't what will sell me on a portable device. Little Big Planet, SoundShapes, and Wipeout are the games that will be pushing me. Show me a decent RPG and we will talk some more.

Posted by Duffyside

Holy crap. Uncharted is my favorite franchise by a mile.

Sony may have just ruined that.

This looks awful.

Posted by JamesJeux007

Not developped by Naughty Dog = Not interested.

Posted by TheHakku

The most amazing part of this video is the quality of it! Vita doesn't even support video out!

Posted by kpaadet

@SSully said:

I don't want to play uncharted on a portable device. Sony needs to learn that this isn't what will sell me on a portable device. Little Big Planet, SoundShapes, and Wipeout are the games that will be pushing me. Show me a decent RPG and we will talk some more.

So? You expect all lauch games to cater to your liking? There are 3 games you seem to be interested in and 1 game you dont really care about. 3 games sounds pretty good to me, considing there were 0 games I cared about for the launch of 360/PS3/3DS but maybe Im just picky.

Im gonna take a stab in the dark (but still a pretty safe bet) and say Uncharted will be the best selling PSV launch game, which means other people than you care about it.

Though I'll agree with the decent RPG request, but that goes for all platforms. By the way isnt the Gravity Daze game an RPG or am I thinking of something else?

Posted by RE_Player1

@kpaadet: Gravity Daze is an RPG, or at least has RPG elements, and that game looks amazing for a launch title.

Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

We're still trying to make motion controls work, huh

Posted by Shaanyboi

Holy fuck... some of that animation looks fuuuuuuuuuucked...

Also, I guess they don't consider it much of a shocker that whats-his-face is probably going to end up betraying you if he's holding a gun to that girl...

Posted by MideonNViscera

Can I take Nathan Drake with me instead? I don't have a lot of use for voice actors while on the go.

Posted by Atwa

Not interested in taking the cinematic uncharted experience with me on the go

Posted by Ahoydizzle

It's a really interesting concept but it all looks so gimmicky to me. The touch screen fighting looks cumbersome as well. This is why I can't play games like Street fighter on my iPhone, because I just can't get along with a virtual control scheme.

At least they give you the option to use the normal controls like a PSP.

Posted by Alexandruxx

Touch that screen :X

Posted by twillfast

As much as I'd like to have Nolan North with me on the bus to work, I'd rather keep Drake in my living room.

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@SSully: I want to play Uncharted on a portable device. So there.
Posted by kennybaese

@MormonWarrior: The bigger issue for me is that the price isn't just the $250. I could justify spending that to myself, but the memory cards costing what they do is what puts me off of the whole thing. It's this hidden cost that it going to completely bite a ton of people in the ass and make a bunch of them sell the things to GameStop for a 3DS.

The hardware on the thing is great, but Sony still just doesn't get that they can't get away with charging people a ton of money for stupid proprietary storage when they see SD cards one aisle down in Target that cost a tenth the amount.

Posted by kennybaese

@Addfwyn: I'll follow you now so I can get a look at those when you post them. Thanks. :)

Posted by SSully

@kpaadet: My post is extremely misleading in the sense that I make it seem like the Vita has a shitty line up. I think it has the best launch line up between it and the 3DS. My lack of interest in the Vita is more towards the fact that I can't see myself playing it enough to justify the cost. If I played portable games more I would easily buy it on launch.

Posted by paulwade1984

This does look a little poopey.

1st gen game i guess. Cant expect the world.

Hell i wont be buying a vita anyway cos i live in England and we got fu**ed on the price. So i guess im just trolling. sorry everyone.

Posted by IshimuraD

I want to play this, but not on a tiny ass screen. I don't understand at all how anyone could think that a tilt sensor in a portable device could be fun. I don't see what it adds at all. It's just distracting. Besides, to make Drake swing all you really do is hold the stick in a stick and press X. Not complicated.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

I'm definitely picking this up alongside the Vita, but I highly doubt that Sony Bend will be able to match ND in any area of design. The dialogue especially was kind of grating

Posted by Bruce

This may look good to people who weren't afflicted with a PSP before, but as someone who owned one since, launch, I can safely say that it's not going to be a terrific experience.

Sony pumped out watered down versions of their main franchises for years on PSP, and with God of War being the only slightly above average exception, they all sucked.

Posted by MeatSim

Some of those animation are really wonky looking. This game needs some more time.