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And i already have the quest. This feels good. *evil laughter*
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@DJKommunist: You bastard.  
EDIT: Good trailer though, I really love the ham and cheese approach that Rockstar is taking.
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I kinda do want this DLC. Looks so fun!

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I really love the fifties style theme they're going with in the trailers.. It looks genuinely interesting... for a zombie shooter. <.<

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Man, so close.
As to the video, I already traded this game. I'm sure this is fun, but I'm Red Dead'd out

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'skinning' the undead? lmao

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Zombie body parts in a blunderbuss? This is turning into Dead Rising.

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Kill them with fire!

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I still havn't seen any zombie cougars.
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Sick to death of zombies. Except The Walking Dead, I'm psyched for that, but in games they need to fuck off for a while.

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I cannot wait until Thursday!

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I'm getting a little tired of these trailers, it's like there's a new one every other day.  I think by now the people who were going to buy it have decided by now, and now you're just pissing them off with too much prodding.

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Genius marketing from Rockstar, as usual. DLC of the year for the GOTY.

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Little late to the party, but it might be good. Maybe. I guess. Give it a shot, I suppose.  

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im intrigued. i want to give this a try!

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Hahaha, looks fun.

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Another piece of gaming that will get me into that Halloween mood.

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Zombie body parts as ammo?  I was expecting something more serious from RDR, but that doesn't mean I'm disappointed.

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@Arker101 said:
" I still havn't seen any zombie cougars. "

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Here's hoping the SP stuff can be played through coop.

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I'm really digging the grindhouse style for this trailer. Makes me want it even more.

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@Wrighteous86 said:
" @Arker101 said:
" I still havn't seen any zombie cougars. "

hahahahahaha dude, that made my day
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That is great.
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I'm just glad there is some single player content.

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that is SICK!!