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Skyshock 4: Dead Space.

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Looks amazing!  I'm back on the BioShock train.  BioShock 2 seemed lackluster, but with Ken Levine back for BioShock Infinite, I'm in as well.

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I always laugh when Vinny bombs into a video, like "Hey guys, what are you talking about?"

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Vinny pulling the drew-face!

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the trailer looked awesome.

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Steamshock, I'm calling it.

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Just yesterday I was thinking GB needs a segment where they just talk about upcoming games.
No editing is need, just record and post.
GB reads minds, I'm not subscribing to mind reading!

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Bio has nothing to do with water!!!! (well it does but its a general term)

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I came up with Skyoshock at 11:35 AM according to my chatlogs. Just throwing that out there.

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It's like a Kessler Kam! But like, not on Youtube!

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Kessler Kam is Official! 
Also does anyone notice how uncomfortable Jeff looks whenever Matt talks to him or tries to butt in? O.o

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Is 'Ken Levitate' too much of a stretch?

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Can't wait for Kessle to get gone! Almost time! 

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We talkin' bout Infinite, man. Not BioShock 2. Not BioShock 2. We talkin' about Infinite. I mean what are we talkin' about? Infinite!

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whatever they say it looks really cool

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Skyoshock? that's fucking brilliant.

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"A man shoots rockets, a slave shoots banana peals" 
LOLZ! :)

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@CashBailey said:
" I always laugh when Vinny bombs into a video, like "Hey guys, what are you talking about?" "
"Videogames? I like videogames."
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Gotta say, did not expect a Code Geass name drop from Jeff
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zeplinshock 3: revenge of the feathered dady lol

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Kessler's such an intern.

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@Sanj said:
" Gotta say, did not expect a Code Geass reference from Jeff "
Thought the same thing!
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Exactly. Why does it need to be called BioShock if it's not a BioShock game? It seems counter productive, and down right sketchy.

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On a completely unrelated note I wonder what TV that is on Brad's side. Looks sexy and I need a nice desk TV. :P

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 The last iteration of the beloved Kessler Kam?    

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You can tell from the beginning, Will was just looking for his opportunity to get into the discussion.

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@Ineedaname said:
" Just yesterday I was thinking GB needs a segment where they just talk about upcoming games.  No editing is need, just record and post.  GB reads minds, I'm not subscribing to mind reading! "
Dude before I even logged on I heard about the game and I was thought to myself "Aw that sucks they dont really have  an outlet to talk about that this week, and than this video appeared. Awesomeness.
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your fired kessler

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Bioshock: Modern Airfare 

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HEy! I like video games too!

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Why does Kessler always get all of the hate? I mean, his Sky-o-shock joke was completely original and witty. 

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Could've sworn there was a joke news post circulating game blogs about an Aeroshock and Geoshock game over a year ago. Ah well, all good jokes are circular.
edit: Gerstmann shirt STRIKES BACK!

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Kessler is a wet fart.

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This is one of there better conversation videos that I like.

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My take so far:  I like that they're setting it in the sky, I think that has a ton of potential (with weather especially), but the detail seems like they're playing it too safe.  Like they're leaning on Bioshock more than they needed to for people to 'get it'.  Keeping it steampunk feels like a cop out to me.   
I really don't think they would suffer from just calling it Skyshock (which I think is a fantastic sounding title).  People get the 'Shock' connection already. 
Another issue I had with the trailer is that the city does not look like a city designed for the sky, but rather a regular city that just happens to be in the sky.  Those buildings looked like regular buildings for the most part, they just happened to be floating.  Rapture actually felt like it had been designed as an underwater city.  I want sky buildings.

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lol @ Weezer reference

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Kessler sounds remarkably like Vast Aire.

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PLANE SOUND is Kane & Lynch.

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I quite enjoy these unofficial office discussion video...s. Please make more. 

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That's vinyl in the background right?

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Lol'd at Vinny.
Also, let's see what they do with BioShock. Who knows what might come from this one.

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Good videoshock :) 
Only thing that made me feel sad and cringe at parts was Kessler creating really uncomfotable silences.  I know hes just trying to add to parts of the vid and some remarks were kinda funny but at the point Brad had to tell him to 'stop talking' I just felt bad for Kess.
Keep working on ur on screen persona mate :) (Hint if people are ignoring what ur saying dont keep trying to finish the joke that ur making)

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Enough of this Bioshock talk, how about some Freejack talk.
And all the useless, un-funny Kessler comments make the time he has left feel far too long.
These new offices suck dicks, all this bullshit commentary from the fucking peanut gallery makes a discussion about anything turn into a clusterfuck of one-upmanship of how stupid a concept they can come up with.  I half expected the Comic Vine assholes to start wishing for some comic tie-in, then the screened fucks to chime in on how unoriginal everything is.
Giant Bomb, if you want me to pay for a subscription, you must first move to your own office space.

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Will Smith, you sir, have the boorish manners... of a Yaley!
But you're right about FF.