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I'm pumped for this, but that should goes without saying.

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Yay! Bloodrayne! Never knew I'd say that... XD
 I forgot how insanely baaad this movie really was

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Wow..an early TANG...at last!

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ryans awesomeness does not cease to... cease

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Wow that was a good one...holy shit.

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What awfulness. Maybe Ryan should do House of the Dead.

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It's here! TANG!

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haha Luchadeer.

See the sequel for this movie next TANG Ryan!

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I saw a boob for half a second in this TANG. Awesome! :D

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I own both Bloodraynes, just like I own Postal on Bluray.  Those movies are awesomely horrid.

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What's wrong with billy zane?
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Woot its up!

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Wow. This movie looks bad, and not just in the way that all those other movies were bad.

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Luchadeer noooooo
Edit: Dang you

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So what you're saying Ryan, is that it's so bad it's an artform? Where's that on TV Tropes? Sounds like you should make it happen. Heh.

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How. Could. You.  Poor Luchadeer.

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Hehe.. oh Ryan.. I expect you to say "Make no mistake [insert Uwe Boll film] is by any reasonable metrics the worst of the Uwe Boll movies I've watched for TANG so far" for the rest of the Uwe Boll movies. Looking forward to TANGs of Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. Maybe even BloodRayne 2 and Far Cry?

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The guys chopping the dude on the floor <3 They were working hard for every cent they got paid.

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They cut up Luchadeer! :O

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Who the hell is funding these atrocities?

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i couldn't make it through this movie.

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Good job, Ryan.

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BloodRayne 2's waaaay worse. Have fun with that one Ryan. You need to get to House of the Dead, it has it's moments.. As long as you aren't sober.

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I loves me some TANG! But Ben Kingsley? Seriously? How on earth does Uwe Boll keep getting these well known actors for the steaming piles he makes? 
Is this the first TANG with nudity?

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Good stuff!

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Just like postal, I actually enjoyed this film too. Something about being so bad makes it so good!

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Aha! Is this our chance?

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So early? Awesome!

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I love how that one guy hacking away at the bloody mess with lucha deer's head on it is just not into being on the set of that film. He's swinging at it like little kid that's unietersted in their tee ball game.

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Lol ryan flipped us off durning the vid when talking about two things missing in dialect
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That movie was absolutely terrible.  Why did  Ben Kingsley sign up for that?  Did he lose a bet or something?

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"Aha, is this Uwe Boll's worst movie?"
Chie references make me giddy.

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@SwaBxTHExDeck said:
" Lol ryan flipped us off durning the vid when talking about two things missing in dialect "
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I have never seen a Uwe Boll movie and after seeing the TANGs about them, I never will.

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now i almost want to see this just to experience the mess that this movie is...and laugh at every moment

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I saw what you did their ryan!

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Middle finger

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Isn't it time to do House of the Dead!

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back in the day we would have taken someone like Uwe Boll out back and put him down, we would have done whats best for the world...

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@Gnome said:

" Who the hell is funding these atrocities? "

Technically, I am. It's german tax money. And that fucker just burns it! Sorry for that, but I can assure you - no one here likes this guy. He's cheating the system.
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Poor Luchadeer....

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Where does Uwe Boll gets the money to do his shit movies?

By the way, how many gallons of blood did they use in the movie? o_O 

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Awesome TANG! They keep getting better and better!

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I actually enjoyed it more than most of Uwe Boll's other movies because it's so hilariously bad. It's less boring than his others and even if what's on screen isn't good, it's unintentionally funny. There are so many bits of awkward dialogue and random continuity, and the final 'battle' is worse than generic sci-fi channel stuff.

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I'm quite proud of the fact that I have not seen a single one of his movies. The guy is an idiot.

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Aw man. That looks terrible.