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Sweet, sweet TANG.

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Man, I really love The Cheesecake Factory.  It's a bit pricey, but dude, that some good cheesecake.

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Nom nom nom.....

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So much pu tang !!

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LOL at the persona 4 edit!

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Wow that was a good episode!

You really nailed it at the end there Ryan.

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Best TANG ever

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That one guy...HE STILL KNOWS SOMETHING!  Look at him smile!

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The best TANG moments are when they edit other video clips onto a monitor somewhere in the movie.  Brilliant!

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Lol. Awesome (Poon) TANG.

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Surely this has to be the best TANG movie ever. Made me smile and laugh so much more than any other TANG to date.

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Nice Endurance Run cameo.

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Now that's some TANG.

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That guy.. he KNOWS something..

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rofl at  the guy playing persona 4....   that was funny!

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Persona 4 is spreading like wild fire all over the site!

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God I saw this movie a while ago....what a pile of bad...

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hahah.. you guys are great!

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That guy STILL knows something I don't!

Good editing, Vinny. As usual. The ER bit was great.

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Still no Uwe Boll TANGs? Ryan's in for a world of hurt.

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Eric Roberts does not need high tech karate glasses, he's the best of best!

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I don't know which was funnier, the guy almost getting caught eyeing up Shadow Rise or the terrible acting at the end. I'm so glad I didn't spent my money on it

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Crazy movie

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I will never EVER watch this movie. Nice end with the persona cameo

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Best TANG yet Ryan!

Fantastic! Terrible horrid movie though.
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This movie was super fun to see in the theatres. There was only a few people and me and my friends just kept laughing. It was a movie so bad, it was good. It wasn't trying to be good, it knew it was a bad movie itself. So I think that made the movie better overall.

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totally forgot that Kevin Nash was in this movie.....yeah the movie is 10 kinds of awful and ridiculous but like Ryan said, it kind of pulls it off for the source material they had to work with.  long live TANG !

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Haha great! Okay how about for one of these you guys dub over some new voices for some characters for a tiny fraction of the movie. Just a thought.

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Rainy slow-motion beach is my favourite stage.

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Oh Holly Valance, I love you... erm... moving on.

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At least the women were nice to look at lol

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It's hard for a movie to be completely terrible when it's full of hot women.

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Hmmm...Needs more TANG!

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Awseome TANG, was waiting for this one! Not a good movie by any means, but is still fun to watch.

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I couldn't get past the opening introductions when I tried to watch this. I went into it knowing it would be horrible but... it was beyond horrible.

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Haha, awesome. Great use of the mysterious Tomb Raider guy.

Great episode!

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I love movies based on fighting games, for some reason that genre has like half the adaptations despite being plot less for the most part. The best part by far is that DOA is censored to hell and back so very few people actually die, execept this one guard who is just brutally killed for no reason right in front of the camera...

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this TANG made me horny

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I actually enjoyed this movie. But then it was exactly what i was expecting, just all out rediculousness with hot babes.
Great editing btw guys. Go the endurance run cameo ;).
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Very cheesey needed and great editing on the Shadow Rise.

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He knows something you dont know..This Aint No Game!

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The Persona 4 Invasion continues on GiantBomb.

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Hmm, looked about as stupid as the games. Won't likely end up watching it but it doesn't look to bad all things considered.

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Come one Ryan ... You know the volleyball scene was totally necessary.

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High tech Kung Fu sunglasses? .......wat?

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I enjoyed watching DOA, which isn't something I can say about most videogame movies.

Ryan's totally right - the movie knows it's bad and goes out of its way to be as ridiculous and stupid as possible, which works.

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