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yeaah new tang

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Uwe Boll?  That dudes a jerk

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:O you brave, brave man 

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Well, at least this one has Hugo Stiglitz....

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Ryan looks like he has a wig on.

Posted by MattBodega

You promised me whales, Ryan!

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LOL you are the man ryan!

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i loooooooooooove uwe boll

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I wonder what film is going to be on the SEASON FINALE OF TANG!

Posted by megafat

Where are the whales in this video? I was promised Whales!?

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oh Ryan, you crazy.

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aw. duder its over

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so sad ... no new tang for a while.   But yeah, Ryan probably needs to go to the hospital after the self mutilation that he just completed.  I'll just keep myself occupied with the editing and reviewing masterpiece that is this season of TANG.

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Ryan - show us on the bear where Uwe Boll touched you...

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Another great TANG.

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fingers crossed for uwe bolle to make "the  sims movie"

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This can only be good.

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Great ending!!

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Uwe Boll is an every monster of film directors. I think he and video game movies is a running gag in Hollywood

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I am going to watch the movie Free Willy because it actually has whales in it.

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That last part was freaking me out dude...

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Slow motion Ryan is kind of adorable.

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George promises Whales to a lot of people.

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awesome TANG episode and a beautiful Uwe Boll comment audio montage.
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Mmmm, sweet, nutrient rich TANG.

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lol, whales

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Funny how after so many awful movies, any sign of improvement makes it seem bearable.
Good episode, sad that the segment is soon over.

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Antony Bordain is in this movie too 

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No more Tang, no more ER? Pshhh

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@C0V3RT said:
"Ryan - show us on the bear where Uwe Boll touched you... "

...The gummi bear.
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Didn't the Screwattack.com guys have a cameo in this film or something?

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So sad that there are no more Boll movies to review......  I am more sad than the end of the Endurance Run.

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They need to make more video game movies. Can't be many left now for Ryan to watch.

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 From Uwe to Ryan
Posted by jakob187

FUCK!  Now you've got me interested in seeing this train wreck of celluloid, Ryan Davis!  I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!

Posted by Amatsu

You had me frightened near the end there, Ryan.  Thought you were beginning to experience Stockholm Syndrome. 
I was prepared to do an intervention, if it came to it.

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another great tang.  thanks for watching these so we don't have to.

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ITT new meme: WHAAAAAAALZ!!!

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This actually looked better than most of his movies, surprising it didn't even make a straight to DVD release.

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So, where are the whales?

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Ryan has Stockholm syndrome with Uwe Boll. Good thing he's stopping TANG now.

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does anyone else get a tear in their eye after they realize TANG is closer to ending after every episode? Lets hope he continues to do this on the side (when the next video game adaption hits) after all the already released movies are out of the way.
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What's left for the final episode?  Also, a disappointing lack of luchadeer?