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i haven't seen this one.

after seeing this, i understand why i haven't seen the movie.

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I saw this a while ago, I quite liked it.

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Final schmantasy

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I liked this one better than Advent Children.

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I hear that TANG does cure the common cold.

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i loved this movie. went to see it opening night. Aki Ross FTW

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you should have put the extra material with cid getting a pole through his head in the reanimation

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"Within the spirit"
I see what you did there!

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"...and then there's an eagle." made me laugh so hard

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Spiritual nonsense, poor animation, nonsensical story, and eagles.
In conclusion: Great.

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This movie looks more like Mass Effect then Final Fantasy. Makes you wonder why they bothered to call it Final Fantasy.

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I was torn on this one. Disappointed that it wasn't tied to any of the FF games, and surprised that it was a watchable movie. Sure it wasn't the masterpiece everyone expected but if you take it in it's own right as just another scifi movie, then it moves along just fine. I'm actually contemplating if I should get the DVD or not.

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I LOVE this movie, I have fallen asleep to that "eagle" song too many times to count. You forgot to show the best clip from the dvd though - the thriller video! While I understand it is not for the masses this movie was made for me.

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The worst part of this movie for me was that the whole plot stands on a really cheesy and weird base that is Gaia. I mean, what?! Even if that was derived some sort of religion, it is more unacceptable than Scientology.

It was very weird mixture of hyper technology and spirituality.

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I remember being so dissapointed when i saw it...it didnt feel like final fantasy AT ALL.

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I remember Square Pictures was trying to make a big hullaballoo about recasting Aki Ross in other movies as a digital actress. Dude, that went NOWHERE! Remember when she was in Maxim?

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I really liked this movie... Am I ill?

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I personally found this movie way more enjoyable/interesting than Advent Children.

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I liked this movie when I saw it years ago, I loved the animation, the CG and the Sci-fi elements

Am I the only one?

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what about the fact that it pretty much redefined what CG should be back when it was released?  Everything else was nowhere near that realism and it became the comparison for CG in games and movies after that.

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This isi the most boring movie ever made.

And I can't believe Ben Affleck didn't sue for them using his likeness.

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How about the biggest problem is that the movie's plot is utter nonsense, and the dialogue is freakin' horrible.  No movie can recover from that.

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I actually thought this movie was pretty cool. Not terrible, but just flawed as hell.

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I remember when i first watched it i was mesmerized, then watched it again and thought damn this movie really did suck, but some of the scenes are SO gorgeous man. i think you didn't give it enough credit for looking beautiful, but yeah your overall take on it is dead on, good stuff Vinny, keep it up i like this very much.  

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Hey Venatio, don't worry your not the only one who loved this film. At the time it was any outstanding achievement in CG animation and realism along with a, how should I put this,  interesting story.  No matter what people think of the story there is no doubt this was an important step forwards in CG film making.

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And then.... there's an eagle.

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I really liked the movie...

...despite how pretentious it was.
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Haha, I like the bit about drinking during the movie.  "Like fifteen minutes in, you'll be gone."  lol

I thought the movie was pretty good.  Maybe because I hadn't played any FF games before seeing it.  I didn't really see any problems with the facial animations, but it has been awhile since I watched it.  It's too bad more people didn't see it because it is definitely one of the better video game [universe] movies.

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Yes!!! I am getting blind stinking drunk tonight. Thanks Ryan, this new game replaces my GTA 4 drinking game (take a shot after every phone call).

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I like the movie and not because it is great but because it's the only Final Fantasy I can stand as all the rest have some gay emo vibe where all the men look like women and they have stupid hair and clothes.

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spirits within is way better than emo strange haired gay kids fighting with they gigant swords just for fanservicing some fanactis of a very boring rpg.

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Gotta love Ming!!!

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I remember seeing this in the cinema waaaaay back when, and being blown away. In it's time, it was pretty impressive

It's a shame it did so poorly.

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I still haven't watched this movie, its gonna be hard to find since its old. :/

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As much as I enjoyed it, I admit that this was a mediocre movie for... a movie.

But I'll take that over a "______ is a decent movie... for a videogame movie" which, in plain English, means, "It's crappy but it isn't as crappy as the crappiest crap on Earth."

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I generally liked this film, though it definitely deserved most of the criticism it received.  I say it for $2 at a cheap theater and was entertained.  I liked it more than a certain other fanservice heavy FF film.

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Love the tiger, and it's funny how now there's a few games coming to that level of detail and realism, compared to the movie.

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I went to the cinema to see this movie, there were like 4 people watching it including me and it was like a day after it was being shown. I did enjoy it, but man it was really, really dull in spots. A little too touchy-feely as well.

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It was definitly unique, but I wouldn't say it was bad. At least they tried to expand their audience instead of rehashing the same property over and over.

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This film did do the right thing in deciding to not be a sequel of sorts to any of the games. That would've been silly. I would've made no sense it anyone new and honestly been terrible anyways simple because those games have a beginning, middle, and end. No reason to do a movie on them. Sure they could've chosen the best story of any FF and used that and retold it in film form, but I think its more fun to tell a new story with Final Fantasy stylings (basically what every new Final Fantasy is). That being said it's not a great movie, but I don't hate it. It's one of the better game films.

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i remember enjoying this movie when i was a kid.

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I rented this a while back cause i was curious and i enjoyed for the most part it did have some slow moments.  I think i even started falling asleep near the end cause it was so boring.

Animation aside, it has some pretty good acting talent so that makes it somewhat worth watching.

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Oh Ryan.. You're so unrealistic

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Needs more TANG

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One thing this film didn't get enough credit for is that it basically made square developed the software and hardware possible to render FFVII:AC and pretty much all square games that came out with beautiful cutscene in recent years

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I had a chance to talk to 2 people that worked on this film.  According to them, it was a rough production that had rewrite after momentum killing rewrite.  The only positive part of the gig, in their opinion, was that the production was being done in Hawaii.  Not a bad perk.  One of the people that I knew that worked on it was a prop designer.  Design wise, this is a really well done film.  Given that, I guess it's better to just own the "Art of" book as oppose to watch the movie.  It's a shame.  There were a lot of talented people that worked on this beautiful, but boring film.   

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I remember seeing this movie with my friends when we were kids and all thinking it was awsome, now I realize how lame it really is

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I remember seing this at a cinema and hating it.