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I love these TANGs, keep it up Ryan!

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TANG!!!!! great keep doing such great work ryan!!!

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Wewt wewt!

Thanks for these ryan,they crack me up

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So awesome, keep up the good work.

Ps you guys rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Woo! Awesome Ryan

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lol did a little numa numa dance at the end.

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diggin these vids ryan ... keep em comin :D

hi-hi-de-hi-de-bye-de-bye! rofl!
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Wow I burst out laughing so many times. Definitely the best TANG so far.

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I like FFVII, but this looks...  hm. 

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uh- huh.  

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I love that movie, pure fanservice, but it looks great and the action scenes are well-choreographed.

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I love this movie, fan service at its best.

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Awesome video dude!

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This was a terrific episode! Let the video game movie experiment unfurl, Ryan!

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Awesome TANG Ryan. Keep it up!

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I have a taste for some TANG now.

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Final Fantasy fans are creepy.

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It's weird. I kinda hate FF7 for it's overall mediocrity, but I've watched the movie like... 30 times. Christ, I've watched it so many times I can watch it in it's original japanese dub and know exactly what each character is saying when they speak. It's kinda weird.

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It's fine.

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Nice work Ryan.  Best one of these yet.

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Dude, awesome.
Love TANG.
You should do some Uwe Boll movies :)
My favorite is House of the dead (hxxp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0317676/)
It is stupid and crap!!!!

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Awesome job. I loved the movie. Quite a fan myself.

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I absolutely adore Advent Children, despite how absolutely ludicrous it is. I mean, come on. CGI Reno, man. CGI goddamn Reno.


I remember my jaw dropping like a tonne of brinks the first time I saw Cloud get shot at the end. Damn movie had lured me into a false sense of security with the whole 'finally-beating-the-bad-guy' thing. ¬_¬

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Good feature, keep the awesome work up Ryan

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TANG 4ever!

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I really enjoyed watching Advent Children. I have it in my DVD Collection.

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Habadabadabadabah? lmao!

I'm no FF fan. In fact FF7 was the only one I've ever tried, and I got MAYBE 1/4 the way through, and you're right Ryan. This story is completely incomprehensible to someone unfamiliar with all of Square's FF ridiculousness. But as a fan of retarded action scenes, this movie was awesome. That church scene was stelar.
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Ryan... I'm waiting for the TANG of the horrible Mario Bros live-action crappie... I mean, movie.

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This movie makes NO sense. It has that same quasi-mystical nonsense that also made THE SPIRITS WITHIN unwatchable.

But technically it's spectacular.

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I dunno, Ryan. I have very fond memories of FFVII back in the day, but I thought the movie was pretty terrible overall. Honestly, I thought I was going to like the overabundance of action, but you're right, halfway through it starts to get intolerable and seem ridiculous. Not to mention the lousy dialogue and poor excuse for a story.

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hmm... needs more Tang.

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As someone who isn't really into Final Fantasy at all, VII was the one that i remotely liked, But i loved this film, it was really good. Plus the CG was and still is breathtaking.

Thankfully i knew enough about the original, thanks to watching it being played non stop back in the day.

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Ha-hata-bata-bata-ba to you too Ryan.

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The only time I've played Final Fantasy 7 was at this random girl's house- on her Playstation 2.
I only played for maybe 30 minutes- and just had to stop. Load times. I hate load times. 2nd longest load times I've ever experienced. The longest actually being a Digimon game that feel into me and my friend's hands- which we had to stop playing because it was take 15 minutes+ to load up the next area.

This all leads up to this: I get a kick out of Final Fantasy Advent Children. I've only experienced the fandom for Final Fantasy games second hand- I only understand them on a most basic of levels.
But just watching it for the first time in Japanese- after seeing a friend watching the subtitled version while he was working- It was a blast! So many fight sequences! So much random philosophizing!

And maybe the most odd thing is- I get the story. It all makes sense. The one thing I've been told externally that kind of breaks it is that Sephiroth and Cloud are never actually in direct conflict in the original game- though that appears to be different in the post Advent Children/New Final Fantasy 7 Anime.

I'm not sure if I can explain it exactly here- but its about redemption/forgiveness/obsession- etc.
The two best sequences really are the chapel Tifa fight and the toss/lift into the sky of Cloud by all the other characters.

I also really liked the agents/chairman comedic bits- which are tossed in at a solid pace- and seem to have passed Ryan up.

Maybe its better this way? A way to open the door to a new generation of Final Fantasy- designed not for those who have been fans since the beginning- though they get their service through the portrayal of what a Final Fantasy 7 remake/sequel could be- but for those Square wants to get on the bandwagon- without demanding they collect a copy of the original game and get scared off by the antiquated graphics/game design.

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I like FFVII a lot, but that movie was just dumb. It was pretty much the start of Square realizing "Hey, this Final Fantasy VII thing is pretty popular, I bet we could get a boat-load of cash from 13 year-olds with it."

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Bravo, Ryan. Bravo

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The film was a total waste of money and talent. The story is incomprehensible now, and it was just as needlessly convoluted in FF7. Your review is spot on.

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Awsome movie

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This is probably the best movie so far that Ryan has watched.  I have seen it and it is pretty good.

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the end of the video was funny as hell

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I actually fell asleep watching this.  I played FF7 but I didn't really get into it and I spent most of the movie just trying to figure out what the hell was going on. 

Then I fell alseep.

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Never played the game and tried watching the film...the action scenes were cool but I had no idea what was happening.

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Love that 70s couch.

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FFVII Advent Children is as momentous as Final Fantasy: The Movie.

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Love the dance at the end.

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I absolutely love this movie. This will be the first TANG I've watched so far so let's hope it's a good one!

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I hated that movie the first time I saw it but then I fucking loved it the second and subsequent times.

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Just like Final Fantasy, it's too long, goes nowhere, is incomprehensible, and gay.