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As video games movies go this one wasn't to awful

Posted by cc0000

Wooo finally~

Posted by Splitterguy

God, I HATED this movie.  I love the games, but dammit, I couldn't even finish watching the movie.  Terrible.

Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

My big problem with it was that it became a shoot 'em up movie instead of the stealth gameplay I've come to know and love from the series.

Posted by Slunks

Stop talking! Eat yer sammich.

Posted by switchit

Stop talking!

Posted by Sharpshooter

Am I the only one who noticed that all the flash back stuff from the opening credits of this movie are all taken from the TV show Dark Angel.............................why is everyone looking at me weird?

Posted by theglobe88

"Look at me"

Posted by ingodwetrust

I liked hitman, the sword fight scene was sick.

Posted by Joseppie

Yup, the movie looks about as bad as I thought it would.

Posted by Djstyles92

im sorry....stop talking

Posted by AsKo25

That doesn't look half bad.

Also, you should watch this movie, just because it exists: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneChanbara_(film)

Posted by Mysterysheep

Wow, that was a really good - Stop talking!

Posted by Hector

Look at me!...Stop talking.

Posted by JackiJinx

What's with the tiger on the couch?

Posted by Retrogimp

Haven't seen the movie, but gotta say that sword-fighting scene looked awesome.

Posted by zityz

Doesn't look too bad, I thought it was going to be terrible but it looks like a goofy ass action flick. Had a hard time enjoying the games though, which is probabaly another reason why I never watched the movie.

Posted by RelentlessKnight

lmao at the end

Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497

Damn you Vinny and your pure-awesome editing.

Posted by Obienator


Posted by Slique

47 really needed to be portrayed more like Chigurh from No Country for Old Men, which would have been a lot closer to his in-game counterpart. He also needed a lot, lot less dialog, as 47 is supposed to be a silent killer who comes and goes without notice.

Oh, and I really hate that sword scene. Sure, it looks great, but 47... using swords? Goddamn swords, man. The real 47 would have just said that, and then shot them all in the face with a secondary pistol when they dropped theirs.

I really wish they would have cast the guy who voices 47 in the game, who was actually also the design basis for the character and is even a classically trained threatre actor. That guy literally is 47.

Posted by Cheapoz


Posted by Osaladin

Ending was amazing.

Posted by AndrewB

A Hitman movie would do well to base itself almost solely on dudes getting taken out silently in really cool ways, much like in the game. There can still be a main villain and a central conflict, but there is no place for the moral lessons and guilt.

Posted by JoblessTerence

The two things that bothered me about the movie were those stare-down scenes and the fact that he had a stiff posture when he was running

Posted by TekZero

Lol at the ending.

Posted by SidVicious

I thought the acting was prrrrrretty awful

Posted by Meltbrain

Hahaha, some masterful editing at the end there, Vinny. Yeah, that's pretty much what I would have expected of that film, really.

Posted by prinny_god

was that how that car scene was shot because those cuts were horrible

Posted by KnifeySpoony

Masterful Vinny. Good work, good episode Ryan, I thought that actor was an odd choice as well.

Posted by Magnus_Bulla

Stop talking.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome TANG!

Posted by thegoldencat7

Bloody hilarious!

Posted by manathirst

The final montage is hilarious: stop talking.

Edited by punkxblaze

To be fair, in the games' storylines, 47 does have a more human side, but he doesn't show it anywhere as much as in this movie. And yeah, Timothy Olyphant is a little too gentle faced for the role. Regardless, I enjoyed it. It strays off the source material in much less obnoxious ways than many movies do.

Hey Ryan, you should do Doom next week. Or some week. I dunno how you plan these things. Just sayin'. That movie is fucking terrible. Whoever wrote it needs to be shot for having the marines call each other 'soldiers'. Marines call each other marines.

Posted by Lazyimperial

I love this movie. Timothy Olyphant rocks! So bad ass.

Oh, and I love Vinny's editing. Someone obviously paid attention during class. haha

Posted by trimon

That was some great editing XD

Posted by CrazedJoker

Look at me... Stop talking!

Posted by WholeFunShow

Was that a poop at the end?

Posted by Phished0ne

I really liked this movie more then i liked most video-game movies.  It was longwinded, but otherwise i really enjoyed it as a popcorn-style action movie.

I loved that train sequence, i remember rewinding and watching it twice. Although the "close-up on the gun clips hitting the ground" is very cle'che, but what part of this movie isnt.

I kind of think they didnt have him wear costumes more, because that was kind of the  most rediculious part of the game,  "there goes that bald mail-man with the bar-code on the back of his head". I mean, it would be hard to effecively disguise yourself with a suspicious looking barcode tattoo..
Posted by Death_Burnout

Great TANG, awesome ending too.

I've never been sure what to think about the Hitman movie, i mean judging from this it seems like it has some neat little moments, but i've never found him to be best choice for Agent 47, obviously. If im not mistaken, the voice actor for 47 looks more like 47! But whatever, he seems fine...

Though i take offence to the shaved head...47 should have no hair, period. I haven't seen it, but judging from what i saw, it would seem he or "they" are not clones either...that's a downer to a Hitman fan like myself at least.

But 47 having a concience is fine, he had a little in moments in some of the games.

Posted by Sarge506

Wow, brilliant vid Ryan, you summarise these "game movies" really well.

Posted by HouEvil

hahaha! i cant stop laughing at the awesome editing at the end, im at work and laughing... i think the boss can see me... :D

Posted by Otacon

I actually enjoyed this film.

Posted by MeatSim

Stop talking! eat your sandwich! stop talking! look at me! Stop talking!

Edited by LiveOrDie1212

haven't seen the movie, but i think i needed to see all there is to see from this movie just from this vid. thanks Ryan. lol at ending.

Posted by Pibo47

Omg, that movie was sooo awful.

Posted by dannyodwyer

Stop Talking!
amazing editing once again :D

Posted by turbomonkey138

this may not be a great movie but that was a tasty headshot

Posted by GleasonRyan

Olyphant(sp) was also in Live Free or Die Hard

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