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Can't get enough TANG!

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Here comes the good stuff. Don't die Ryan, there are more crazy, flashy, montages coming your way.

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Yes. Atleast I get  TANG if I dont get Persona

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The horrors continue!

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YES!   More Uwe Boll.  I don't really think i'm going out on much of a limb to say he is the greatest director of our generation.

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Alright, here we go

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when it comes to poorly light films, Uwe Boll is the master!

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Uwe Boll bringing the horrid through the net!

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I have never heard of this House the Dead movie before.  Is it some sort of prequel to House of the Dead?  :P

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Good GAWD what happened to Vinny?!

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House of the Dead is bad, but it's the kind of bad that's hilarious. Because of that, it's probably Boll's most watchable film.

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Vinny! vinny?
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Poor Jürgen Prochnow :-( Along with Armin Müller-Stahl one of our best actors, but both picked some atrocious, thankless roles later in their career, quite like Jeremy Irons.

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is that montage honestly in the movie? I thought it was something vinny cooked up in a few minutes to make the movie look more stupid than it acutally is.

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woohoo uwe boll!

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Maybe Boll's movies were better if he had better actors in them... but on second thought... NAAAH!!!
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You have to wonder if Boll even knows if his movies are terrible or not.

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I saw this movie about 2 or 3 years ago and like any sane person I thought it was complete shit, but im surprised Ryan didnt make fun of how much random nudity there is in the movie.
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SEVEN MINUTES?! Ryan, you spoil us

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I remember wanting to see this when I was a kid. Man I was stupid.

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To my eternal shame, I saw that movie in the theatre with my then girlfriend.  It was her decision to see it, I wanted to see Kill Bill.  Needless to say, I am no longer with that girl, lol

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The "Ryan!" at the end made me spit my Red Bull onto the keyboard.

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@CitizenKane said:
"I have never heard of this House the Dead movie before.  Is it some sort of prequel to House of the Dead?  :P "

I was wondering that as well.
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Man, the Matrix moments are hilarious.

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This is a load of BOLL SHIT.

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that was HORRIBLE.  WOW.  Why does that guy direct so much trash?  Why hasn't someone locked him up yet?

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Vinny! VINNY!

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huzzah! this could be the best worst TANG...i know this movie is dog shit.
Well that was damn close. Killer ending again.

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How does Uwe Boll get the money to make these movies in the first place? 
(I seem to say that every week) 
Poor Ryan... and where's Vinny?

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That is some of the worst acting I've ever seen. Troll 2 has better acting.

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awesome TANG. 
Great work guys!

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WOOT! 23rd post!
Loved the vinny thing at the end ^_^ There cant be many game movies left is there? Maybe they need to expand to other movies. Like all those shitty sci-fi channel movies to continue this poor mans suffering.

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Interesting how a clearly Pacific Northwest island gets the Spanish name of "Isla de Muertes." :p

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Dear God this film looks horrible!

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There's a loophole in German law that basically says if you make a movie above a certain amount, and it flops, the government will pay for whatever investments the movie didn't make. Thanks to Uwe, it's now being closed.
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Vinny? Vinny? Vinny? VINNY?!......... RYAN!
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I literally became nauseous watching the clips from that movie.

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McGyvers come in!

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Awesome ending :)

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Wow, that looked about as bad as Bloodrayne.

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It's like a rave . . . with zombies. Wait. That was another movie. It's like a montage . . . wit zombies. No. That's another movie too. 
I guess this just sucks. Good thing TANG is here to make it almost bearable. Awesome job Ryan.    

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One of these days Boll will actually try with one of his movies, and it will be an aboslute masterpiece.