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YES! It's here!  My TANG sweet TANG!!!

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Great!  It went up right before I went to bed.  Can't wait to watch!

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I love TANG.

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Major Payne would have been the clear better choice.

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SpecialBuddy said:
Major Payne would have been the clear better choice.
I totally agree with you.
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halyz yeah

Posted by lilburtonboy7489

i wonder who would have made a good max payne...

Posted by LonelySpacePanda
lilburtonboy7489 said:
i wonder who would have made a good max payne...
George Bush
Posted by Spiritof

"Max Payne vs Hitman"

Now there's a movie worth making!

Posted by aegisfaang

They didnt mention the worst part of the film, the Bad guys name is B.B.  

Huh? what?
Wow that movie was terrible.
Posted by dprabon

hehehhhh!!! great review!

although i thought Amaury Nolasco was another awful cast
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Did I see something from Hitman at the end?

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Did I see something from Hitman at the end?

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I actually really liked this movie.

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lilburtonboy7489 said:
i wonder who would have made a good max payne...
Jane Thomas Imo
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I actually kinda liked Max Payne. That and Silent Hill may be my two favorite video game movies (lots of tough competition there, I know).

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Yea the movie sucked so bad I was board just watching the review :-/

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i saw it and thought it was ok, not great

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i was into this till you compared the action to a john woo film...

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Lol. Ryan never ceases to make me laugh. I love this guy...

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enough of this shit!

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love the ending

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marky mark is great in shooter

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omg i agree 2500% i hated ALL those points you mentioned! that movie AINT what a max payne movie should be like!

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Great TANG! I liked it, it could have been WAY worst.

O_O         O_O

O_O         O_O

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I fell asleep during the movie and never finished watching it

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lol. this movie TANKED

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The Max Payne movie would've been good, if it was just a movie. But as a video game based movie, it sucks.

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@Styl3s: It is a John Woo movie. I think John Who is the dude who put the quicktime acrobatics in the game.
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Man, that's a shame. How many more movies does ryan have left to cover?

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oh god, ryan's face provides so much entertainment.

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Awesome TANG.
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Mona Sax was hot, and I loved her big ol' sniper rifle.

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I was terribly disappointed by this film!!!  Whatever, Bring on Payne 3!

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I agree with all the criticisms but I completely hated it, so a little less indifference I guess.

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I loved how Vinny threw a Hitman clip in there SEAMLESSLY. Very glad I didn't see this.

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Nice stare, my friend.

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Great review, as usual!
I realy like the way you review those movies Ryan. Very funny, yet very informative. Giantbomb is just great in every aspect!

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I think it's pretty hard for old Wahlberg to play off of basically nobody but the camera for most of the film.  It's a pretty solitary role.

Some of the ideas look neat but it sounds like the execution was too bland.

Never been a fan of Kunis' acting, either... :/

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Anything with Marlo Stanfield in it is required by the FDA to kick at least 95% of your ass.

I have no idea what I just typed.

The Wire was awesome. They should make a movie about that.

I'm going to bed now.

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Rumors are Ryan Davis is Max Payne in the sequel, least he should be.

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I still think Michael T. Weiss (The Pretender) would have made an awesome Max Payne. Then again, the story would still have been butchered.

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Very accurate review.

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That shotgun scene is hilarious. The baddie has a megasupercool SMG with a scope and he's hitting the valkyr vials about 5 meters away from Max. What the hell.

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Did Mark talk to any trees in this movie?