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Yay! New TANG!

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Posted by Drewbs

I love this movie...

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seconded the Oh Boy

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Posted by Drakeon

Y'know, I don't remember it being that bad, but I'm sure thats because I was 13 when I saw it.

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Posted by Bubahula

tang! :D

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Posted by Krenor

weekly dose of TANG

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Oh my God I had forgotten about that one... I was expecting another Uve Boll movie. XD

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Posted by ZeroCast

Seriously, no one in this world should go through the torture of watching this movie, dear god...

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Great! I've been eagerly awaiting this.

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the laughing dude at 7:05 had acting wise something of that "Garbage Day" guy...

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The sfx from the film look like they used the GB green screen!

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I remember loving both films.  Although I was 10 when Annihilation came out haha.

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the ending...new t-shirt.

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I... I can't belive i liked this movie. :(

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Posted by Brontes_Muse

Hey it's finally here. 

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I'm legitimately impressed. Not one shot of Goro getting punched in the nads.

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Posted by KingOfIceland

Oh my god. Mid '90 CRPG's had better SFX then this movie.

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Wow, that CGI really is the worst I have ever seen outside of a Sci-Fi original movie, and even then it might be a tie.

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Boy does this movie look bad...
Love the editing!

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i actually paid to watch this as a kid... didn't seem too terrible at the time lol

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God.. this was so much worse than the original its just ridiculous.

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Posted by Ben_H

So wait, TANG movies are supposed to get worse?  It's hard to surpass this one in sheer cheese and terrible acting.  Also, if that music at the end was playing for the whole movie it would improve it five fold.

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Posted by FLStyle

Hiliarious stuff! That last Mortal Kombat reminded me of how many "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!"s there were in the original MK TANG. Many.

Is there ever going to be a third one? I heard that a hurricane destroyed the set. Then they went for a Batman Begins style MK with Sub-Zero as the Protagonist and then nothing.
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Ok why is the music at the end of the video so familiar? I'm trying to place it but i'm stumped.

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When I was 7, the only criteria I was looking for in a Mortal Kombat movie was "how many characters can I point out?", and so this was the greatest achievement in modern cinema. I remember my friend preferred the original, and I couldn't wrap my head around that opinion. I mean, this one had CYRAX, and they MENTIONED KABAL and STRYKER.

Come to think of it, this still has a place in my heart and I think if forced to watch an MK movie right now I'd go with Annihilation.

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Posted by DorianBlack

I remember I was like 9 when this came out. And at 9 years old I was able to comprehend that the writing was horrible, because it was that bad. I think this movie was my first experience of cringing at a form of "entertainment". I also liked the first one and was grossly disappointed in like the first 10 minutes of the movie. I grew up loving MK and this movie crushed my child heart.

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Posted by artofwar420
@RipTheVeins said:
" the ending...new t-shirt. "
There's soooo many shirts they could do, I'd buy them.
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Posted by GioVANNI

Even as a young child I remember not liking this movie.

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Haha epic review, too true about that movie, saw it when i was 12 and it STILL sucked

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Posted by Bruce

Ryan is such a bear.

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When I saw this movie, I hated it, even though it was MK. I can't agree more with Ryan on this TANG.

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I actually just saws this on FX Saturday morning for around 5 minutes, and did not even realize that it was a Mortal Kombat movie.

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Posted by MeatSim

Last 30 seconds was so amazing.

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Posted by Death_Burnout

In its day i didn't actually mind this movie...i havent seen it since then and oh boy...it's God awful.

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I've saw the original in the theater, and I loved it!  I saw bits and pieces of this one on cable, and...
It was better than "Postal," I can tell that much just by having watched the TANGs.

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Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

I thought some of the special effects weren't terrible. I've seen a lot worse. Although the animality part is definitely pretty freakin' terrible 

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I wonder which is worse: this movie or Postal?

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Posted by MacGyver

probably one of the worst movies ever made!!!

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It was weird. Even though this was a sequel it felt like a totally different movie.

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O lawdy, is that some bad CG.

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Posted by Stealthmaster86

This movie makes DOOM looks like Lord Of The Rings...

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Ok, MK3 film starring Justin Long.  Let's get this thing green lit; so much potential.  He could totally pull off Sub Zero; didn't you see him in He's Just not that into You? Cold as Ice material.

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lololol I hated that movie.

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wow i am glad i never got to see this one.  great CGI montage

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@supalink said:
" i actually paid to watch this as a kid... didn't seem too terrible at the time lol "
I remember seeing this when I was twelve or thirteen.  It didn't take much to impress me at that age, but even I knew it was terrible.  I remember going to school the next day, and laughing about how ridiculous it was with my friends at the lunch table.
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Posted by Ben_H
@Stealthmaster86 said:

This movie makes DOOM looks like Lord Of The Rings...

So instead of shooting stuff they walk for two hours?
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oh lawd