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Gonna miss TANG. See ya in 2010.
Hope a new video section comes out to replace this and the ER. Or something.

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End of TANG Season 1 and end of the ER makes me a sad panda.

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i do like the asian ladies.

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Too bad it didn't last one more week and end with Alone in the Dark 2 which has been out on dvd in the UK since July.

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@Delta_Ass said:
" @PureRok said:
" I actually liked this movie. However, I watched it in it's original Japanese. That dub... wow... that is horrible. "
Yes, because that dubbing was the only problem with the film. "
I said I liked it, I never said it was good. I also never said that the dubbing was the only problem. I was just commenting on how horrible it was. No need to attack me like I'm some sort of weeaboo.
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Ryan seems a little tired on this Tang, but I don`t think the material inspired him much. The CG was aweful, i could see that. i saw the bad voice-overr, also Bikini honey was kinda purty, and thats about it. What truly made this Tang was that mix, pretty damn good! Good job on the editing in the Tangs past, also, is that Vinnie? 
 Thankyou Ryan though for a good job on doing tang. I hope you bring it back.. Even though I said you were a bit subdued in this last one, you seem to be working into the whole mindset and such of a true reviewer, getting proffessional. After the specrapular movies of wats-his- name, sometimes not much to say except a regular bad movie is simply flat and why. You really need a good movie to work with, and that doesn`t seem to be happening soon. Thanks again. 

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I don't know how I'll live without TANG. I want to see more! As soon as you guys bring it back, I'll be here to watch it. This video feature made the site for me and it's possibly the best video series I've ever seen on the internet. Great stuff Ryan!

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That was a thing of beauty, man. I've got tears in my eyes, TEARS!
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two things; 
1) the clip of the fat dude screaming, did it originally have the quick zoom in it, or did Vinny do a digi-zoom there?
2) Not to be crass but uh... Shouldn't the main characters tits have been about 6 cup sizes bigger, and defied physics as we know it?

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The whole 'ass-kicking, peadophile-baiting, Japanese schoolgirl' bullshit is really played-out by this point.
Just buy TOKYO GORE POLICE and say goodbye to this degenerate bastard of a genre forever.
Even a self-confessed pervert like me is well sick of it.

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Hahahha I loved the ending.

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Good season. Now off to the cell Ryan. I hear it's padded!

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damn japs creep me the fuck out

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Farewell for now, TANG.

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Can't wait for 2010, just to see what he does for TANG at that time.

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A great way to end the season

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To be fair, the dub makes it far, far worse.
And, dammit, with no more Endurance Run and TANG over for the time being, other than Quick Looks the Bomb is gonna be running short on video content.

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well, i guess if theirs no more live action movies coming out you should try to review anime video game movies and that mortal kombat cartoon, pretty great job this season.

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That was a great way to end it can't wait for the guys next ER or TaNG like thing the guys come out with

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Awww, I loved Tang.  Thanks for all the great reviews Ryan.

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TANG, *sigh* what a great idea. Still, Im sure that the crew car fill in the gap. 

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AHHHHHHHhhhhHHhhHhhhh!!! No more TANG! (for awhile at least.)
That was a awesome and I can't wait for season 2! 
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Congratulations on finishing your first season of TANG!  More importantly, for finishing it mostly sane!
Regarding the CG in this movie, yeah, it looks very obvious and not terribly realistic from the few shots I've seen in your review.  But I honestly wonder if it would be even possible to make it look realistic.  I mean, glowing swords?  People moving so quickly you lose sight of them?  That stuff is going to look unrealistic no matter what.

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Endurance Run is done, TANG is done. If they decide that they're done with Mailbags I don't know what to watch anymore.

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wow that movie was really sad

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I'll await for the return of TANG and ER in the future. It is good to take a break every once in a while.
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i loved TANG while it lasted. same with the ER. it's a shame to see such beloved series come, at least temporarily, to an end. but i'm sure the GB crew is conceptualizing some amazing new series to take their place.

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God wat a horrible movie.

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Hmm..........Good TANG. =)
I need more TANG. . . .

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Been good seeing these as there are many in TANG that I missed seeing, too bad that it was just Ryan having to subject his sanity to seeing all these.  
And after seeing the trainwreck of a PS1 game being put out on the Xbox360, I wouldn't have believed that the movie would be worse than playing that game. Also I can't agree more with Ryan that this should have just been an anime instead.
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Needs more TANG!

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Great first season! ...but need moar!

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cant wait for Twenty 10

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WOW, thats all I will say about that.

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Change Hugh Jackman's character name from Van Hellsing to Simon Belmont and call that the Castlevania movie.
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On behalf of the Japanese people I'd like to apologize for this movie. I like hot girls, I love swords, shit, I even like zombies. But this movie is something that just simply should never be watched. By anyone. Ever.

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WoW i didnt think a movie so bad could exist

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ROFLCOPTER!!! Can you say, Unintentionally Hilarious!!! 

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This is not a quality product.

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Wonderful yet again, TANG shalll be missed. 
Fantastic work Ryan... and of course Vinny.

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You just know there's some 15 year old Otaku watching this, saying that Onechanbara is a deep and meaningful movie ruined only and solely by the bad dub. 
Because Japanese voices are better and more convincing despite the kid not actually understanding the language, and what may sound good to them may seem terrible over there. >.>

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HAHAHA the dubbing is hilarious! I must get this! That guy is like an Asian Newman.    
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@Bigbombomb said:
          AHHHHHHHhhhhHHhhHhhhh!!! No more TANG! (for awhile at least.) That was a awesome and I can't wait for season 2!  "
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My God that was an awesome tang.
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Dead god why did you watch the horrible English dub? That made it even more terrible.

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Ryan did u actually watch it in english o.O ?

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I will take a Uwe Boll movie any day over this piece of shit.

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We all know whats gonna be the next I Love Mondays.