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Are there gorgeous Asian women? YES!?

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Best movie eva.

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It is done... for now...

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New TANG...yay!

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So long TANG.

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GAHH no TANG and no Endurance Run?? I hope the guys have some other regular stuff going on in place of these for a while..

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@lemon360 said:
" nice "
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I foresee close-up blond guy screaming to be featured in the next "I Love Mondays!". 
But anyways! Season One of TANG complete! I can't wait until another train wreck comes out and Ryan Davis can return to form. That was a great remix-psuedo dance number.

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Both of those female actors are AV stars. A little google searching and I'm sure you can find some footage of what they are best at ;)

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That girl looks like Misa from the Death Note Live Action Movie

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Didn't know this movie exist. Alright, take a good break, TANG. You deserve it.

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Dubbing is ridiculous.. Japanese is a beautiful language and should never be dubbed over.

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Are they going to do a special theatrical edition for Prince of Persia, or do we have to wait for the DVD release? Either way, looking forward to that one.
As for Onechanbara, looked potentially entertaining in a terrible way.

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Wow that movie looked, grand.

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i guess there will be more TANG, later down the road...but for now, i bid you farewell..

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Man, that fat guy totally reminds me of someone I know. I just can't seem to remember who.

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i laughed my ass off.  this movie would of made a decent anime IMO 
 so along TANG...until next time.. :'(  
until then..  

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Needs 'mo TANG!

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The end of TANG?!?  NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I feel so sad now, a world without TANG.........

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I have to watch this movie now.... Just for the fat dude, he is EPIC xD

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"all these shit movies" 
                                             -Ryan Davis
R.I.P. TANG....you will be missed

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Well this movies looks fucking stupid, but if you are going to accurately critic acting you probably shouldn't be watching it in english dubs, the original voice work...although in this case still probably awful...is how the movie was meant to be seen.
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All these shit movies, and Ryan had too watch em all for our enjoyment. I LIKE IT!

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TANG... you will be missed.

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What a bad movie

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I think the screaming dude nicely sums up the movies TANG covered. Awesome work Ryan! 

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Good season of TANG. Thanks, Ryan (and Vinny).

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Until next TANG... see what I did there? :)

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LMAO! that big dude deserves an Oscar.

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No more Endurance Run, no more TANG... I guess that's me done. *click* *bang!*

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Damn. First the Endurance Run... and now TANG?! Man...

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Great TANG! You should now subject Ryan to the opposite end of the spectrum: bad games based off movies! These games too usually fall way short of expectations and it's a rare breed to find a good game that was based off a movie.

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I feel sad now.
I wait patiently for 2010.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Are there gorgeous Asian women? YES!? "
There's such a thing?
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Most of the movies looked at least passable. This, on the other hand, looks truly abysmal. A fine note to end on. :D

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Next season starts when Ryan's therapy sessions are over.

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Ryan is a movie critic now, maybe this can be expanded upon being some kind of video game movie or cinematics repository.
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I didn't know Ryan had an asian actor-brother. In either case, he did a great job! Intense!

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Nice end to the season, see you in 2010 TANG. We will miss ya!

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When Ryan announce this week's TANG, I actually went ahead and downloaded this movie coz I want to see how painful is it to sit through a stupid movie like this and pretty much trying experience what Ryan is experiencing there. Well, I got to say, it is freaking pain in the ass...Ryan, you are a hero to me now, just how can you stare at these eye sore for so many weeks........
Posted by Damian

Thank you Ryan and Vinny for giving us reasons to hope Hollywood keeps conceiving these bastards.

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I actually liked this movie. However, I watched it in it's original Japanese. That dub... wow... that is horrible.

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My heart will go on...

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This film looks like it was put together in someone's garage... Which probably means it was. Overall, a great "season" of TANG.