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Ohh wow, that movie does look awful.  Very glad that I will never see it other than in this episode of TANG.  Great job tearing it apart Ryan, although I doubt it was very hard.

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oh geez

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Of course, everyone does.

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sigh...... why did I chuckle as much as I did during this movie?! WHY?!?!?!

the intro to the movie was kinda fu*shot*
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Yay, now he's getting into the really good stuff and by good I mean fuckin terrible.

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I actually thought Postal was shockingly un-horrible.  Laughed at a few bits, even.

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thank god i didnt see this movie!

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This movie sounds GREAT!

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this is the first time i don't agree... imo it's hilarious

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Oh man...this looks....there actually is no word bad enough to describe how FUCKING AWFUL this movie looks.

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lol this film looks terrible.

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Thanks Ryan. Now I know to never let my love of Dave Foley persuade me to view this film.

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I don't mind watching junk.

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I love this movie xD probably Uwe Boll's only good movie :] but still freakin hilarious

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I feel sorry for you Ryan, and when I think of all the other shit Uwe Boll has lined up for you, I wouldn't blame you if jumping out the window started to look appealing.

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wow that movie is shit, lol

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wow first Uwe Boll ...
hope there won't be too many, too fast

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NO! not J.K. Simmons! anyone but him!...

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Oh Dear.

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I hope you didn't have to actually buy this to review it, hopefully you just found a copy in the street or something.

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I saw it when they had a free preview screening here in Tucson, AZ (home of Running With Scissors) w/ both the Running With Scissors guys and Uwe Boll showing up.  I have no idea WHY, but there was an astonishingly large number of times where there was a good portion of the audience laughing and I was just left sitting there.

Hell, before the movie when everybody was waiting around in the lobby, I managed to talk a bit with Uwe.  I will agree with his statement that they don't make any of the classic comedies like Airplane & Blazing Saddles anymore, but he does NOT deserve the right to try to say he can be up there with them.

I will say that one of the lost jokes I actually smiled at was the "German Town" amusement park sign was shown to simply be a "Polish Land" sign painted over (or whatever), but it didn't register with the freeloaders and really all it got was a "hey, thats kind of clever" smile out of me.

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this is one fucked up movie alright, they would have to pay me to watch it.

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Oh man, I wonder which awful scene from this one will be gracing the next I Love Mondays video. :D

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This movie looks so terrible but so entertaining.

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oh shit. i hope its uwe boll movies from here on 

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"Don't you dare put me in that movie!"

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Needs more TANG.

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Rad. Thanks for taking the bullet on this one, Ryan. Can't wait for Alone in the Dark, either. I bought that film in a bargain bin for $5, and to this day I still wrestle with myself over whether it was a bad investment or the best value for money ever. So much hilariously appalling stuff going on it blows one's mind.

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I like how the movie wants to be so over the top with such low brow humor and a lot of the people (Such as myself) dont really care. There IS such a thing as trying too hard after all.

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This looks really really really really really really really really really really really really really really awful.

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Wow I actually didn't laugh at a single bit of those "Jokes" that that movie made.

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I don't know what is stupider, this movie, or the people who will rent this movie to laugh at just how bad it is. God I hate those people.

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Oh no, Postal is available for instant streaming on Netflix... Now I HAVE to watch it, since it's instant, and free.

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What. The. Fuck. Is. This. Shit.

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Oh Scut Farkus, how you have fallen.

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i prefer less wang in my tang

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Possibly unpopular comment but I'd like to see more of the crappy movies and less of Ryan talking.
Is TANG supposed to be a review? Because I can go to IMDB for that.

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Here comes Bloodrayne I hope I hope

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That was an amazing TANG. You can sense both Ryan's and Vinny's UTTER CONTEMPT of this Bullshit.
Which is pretty impressive, since Vinny contempt is only visible through the editing.

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And ppl liked this?

Fucking nuke them

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@erinfizz: Amen, sister. Now if only the likes of Rex Harrison were in there...
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A movie like that makes me feel sad for the actors in it. At least they got paid...

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The only good thing about this movie is the 'Custer's Revenge' pixel.

Until I realized that Vinny had to insert that bit in himself.

Which made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

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@Milpool said:

Possibly unpopular comment but I'd like to see more of the crappy movies and less of Ryan talking.
Is TANG supposed to be a review? Because I can go to IMDB for that.


Yes it's a review. Go to IMDB.

Horrible movie. I got some free tickets from a friend of mine.

We are no longer friends.
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Dave Foley? Oh, man... it actually stings to see him in this. He can't possibly be hurting for a paycheck this badly, can he? No way... :(

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You do realise that this is still the very best movie Uwe Boll has ever made, right?

God, just wait till Ryan gets to BLOODRAYNE. Yipes...

And the 'Custer's Revenge' cover-up was pure genius.