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awesome, 10 points!

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Hehe :) What shall we flame you with.

This is such an awful film.
WTF!? Ryan Flying, LOL

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but last in life.


Uh...your momma wears combat boots!!!
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Staff said:
Has been deleted..
I hate u.
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Sweet tang the astronat´s chose

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I like this movie.

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BULLSHIT! *eaten by dog*

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ah vinnys cuts are just as good as ever. and the JET-RYAN was a nice touch

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Figcoinc said:
@EpicReflex: Uh...your momma wears combat boots!!!
There are boundries. :'(

Yeah, this film is garbage.
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Hahaha that dude got dropped by that dog.   Who was the guy flying around?   I couldn't recognize him?

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whats with the legless dude flying on screen ?

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I love TANG.  It rocks my socks off.  Oh ya.  Horrid movie.

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Funny stuff Ryan!

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Hmm, did Ryan just turn into a jet? I knew it!

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I love TANG, I can't wait until Uwe Boll movies will have center stage. 

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@HeaveyMental: That was classic flying Ryan Davis as seen here http://www.giantbomb.com/how-to-build-a-bomb-ep/17-17/

While i agree the first was better, i didnt mind Nemesis in this.

Also i think if you repeated the "GTA Mother Fucker" and "10 points!" parts after everything, it would of been a lot funnier than the Zombie Dog.
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Movie was definitely cliche, but I thought it was just campy enough to be funny and entertaining.  First movie was a cheap rip off of Aliens and took itself way too seriously. 

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This movie was terrible, can't believe I paid to see it in theaters. Love the TANG moments of repeating stupid moments from the movie, never gets old!

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RE: Extinction will be the first TANG film I'll have seen so I look forward to that one! It wasn't bad in my opinion, and had some pretty good set design (everything is outside and in daylight which is different for the genre).

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Ryan Please Review Left 4 Head its kinda counts as a Movie LOL :D

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The only redeeming feature of this movie is that it is shot in Toronto (my hometown).  The building that Mila J runs down and that gets blown up at the end is City Hall.  Unfortunately, RE3 is also garbage (minus Mila J's cool desert outfit) and isnt shot anywhere near Toronto.

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whoa! seizure inducing mid-montage...

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10 POINTS!!!

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Naice tittays

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That was a pretty awesome TANG...  good work ghents!

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Flying Ryan looked better than the special effects in Wolverine.

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Wow, in the slow down it was just hit getting a rubber dog thrown in his face haha.

Nice Editing, Vinny.

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This movie sucked so much ass it actually makes the other two RE movies seem watchable.  I'd have to say that Extinction is probably the best of the three though.  Although they all suck and nobody should watch any of them so it really doesn't matter which is the best.

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TANG is my kind of funny.

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LOVED THIS T.A.N.G! Loved Legless-flying-Ryan just as much. Absolute hilarity!

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rofl! The editing was insane, "That's bullshit! No way they're getting away with this! *dogslap*"

ps. GTA Motherf****r!

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TANG FTW!!!!! I love these, this was awesome as everyone has come to expect.

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TANG FTW!!!!! I love these, this was awesome as everyone has come to expect.

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Lol, this cracked me up.  TANG is the funniest feature on site.

It's gotta be Pokemon soon right?  Right?!

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NSFW due to zombie boobs!

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omg i laughed so much at the GTA MOTHERFUCKER! part.

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They blew up Toronto's city hall and downtown along with it!!

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Aww, Toronto's city hall exploded

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Doesn't please fans... really :(
3d is the only one which is pretty ok, although not pleasing any fans. But it isn't as stoopid as 1st and 2nd.

Degeneration on the other hand, might be cliché, BUT at least pleases me as a a fan :)

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"What's the rush? *eaten by dog*"

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Editing was awesome as usual :D

I loved the first Resident Evil film but 2 and 3 bored me to tears :( why did they have to fuk the movies up so bad.

Ohhh well at least in terms of straying from the source material things didnt get really messed up until 3....but even then if u wanna see a movie that takes the original source material and gets in a space ship and goes into warp speed watch 'Far Cry' the movie.

I actually cried at many points during the viewing of Far Cry the movie cause it was THAT BAD!...im serious its fukin awful.  It made me want to stab myself in the face with a rusty knife to relieve the pain it was causing me :( so much potenial....*sigh*

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Needs more TANG!

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This was actually the only Resident Evil movie I saw pretty much all of. May check out the first one if its supposed to be better but no promises.

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The first movie was pretty nice, (in my opinion). The only good part here was the occational funny lines stuff from the black guy, and some matrix fighting. And Mila Jovovich of course... "Mmmm, chicken! Gut!"

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This aint no Game people, wheres the guy that know somethign you dont know?

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LOL @ Ryan Flying

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Hey! I know that exploding building.  That is Toronto City Hall!