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also first, : P

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Might just rent it now, thnks Ryan

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I have this downloaded on my PC. Haven't watched it yet though.

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It's a horrible horrible movie with the worst voice acting I've ever heard.

Leon looks like Regina from dino Crisis.

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I thought it was ok, but I can see where he's coming from. Still, it's better than the Hollywood films.

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woah, you really tore that movie apart. Sounds kinda boring....

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No the hollywood films are mediocre and this film just plain sucks :\ The Japanese just can't make good films. well ones that cross over to the Western world atleast.

Another thing I don't get is when you see the first attack on the guard in the airport at the start, there was one zombie attacking him who took ages to turn into one. Then the guy he just bit turned into a zombie straight away and attacked the guard and suddenly like 3 more came outta nowhere and then the whole airport was like full of zombies.......... like hang on a min there was only one a second ago.

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"Oh, shit. Now what's gonna happen." Hahahaha, wow.

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Ha, that zombie fell.

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stylin ryan

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Another great episode :D

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Movie was bad.  Plain and simple.  The lack of gore is one problem.  The boredom is another.  The cheesy acting and dialogue tops the cake off.

Watching this movie made me feel both stupider and suicidal.
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Boring-ass movie with nowhere near the amount of zombie carnage that you would want.

P.S. Do an episode on that appalling SILENT HILL film. Incredible visuals, but one of the worst scripts ever vomited out of a word processor.

Roger Avary should hang his head in shame. Well... in addition to that whole 'D.U.I./manslaughter thing'.


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When I saw the trailers for this on TV  I thought it looked pretty cool, but it looks pretty lame.  But that zombie walking out of the plane was funny.

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Man I luv me some TANG. I also like the fact we're keeping the CG train a'rolling here!

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Many things were offbeat about this movie. Lip-syncing, emoting, zombie animation. One thing that killed me was a particular scene with Claire and that little girl.

-Claire is surrounded by zombies
-Claire is frightened by zombies
-zombies getting closer
-Claire still frightened by zombies
-Leon throws gun
-First thing Claire does, Kick zombie on the face.
Kick? Really? Did she really need the gun to do that?

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Someone has been getting into Tim Tracy's laugh tracks :P

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I thought it was a decent movie!

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I seen the movie and thought it's way better then the live action movies. There are somethings I didn't like about it, however, no movie is perfect and seeing an Animated Resident Evil was a treat for me.

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OMFG, I know, the whole open the door to a plane is easy but not knowning there drop after lol

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Love the cheessy dialogue montage.

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What a charming cast of characters!!

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Yeah this does seem unfortunately sub-par compared to Advent Children.

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hey ryan!

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they made leon look more asian. the action was fairly disappointing as well.

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Speaking as someone who actually bought the blu-ray I can tell you now it is a bad movie. And I'm an RE fan(or was), the movie was made for people like me and I hated it.  God between this shitty movie and the utter let down that was resi 5 I think I'm finally done with this franchise.

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There have been more than 5 RE games.  What about RE0?  Code Veronica?  Did you forget?  And what about that...Wii lightgun shooter game?  Yeah!

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this looks....dumb.

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Leon straight up Jackie Chaned that shit.

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Anime for jerks!!

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I can't believe they didn't include the "You need to shoot them in the head" or "We should go diving again sometime." Greatest. Lines. Ever.

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Ryan looks so seedy when the camera comes down at 00.06... :P

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i didn't think degeneration was boring, but i definately agree that the action doesn't pack a punch. i was pretty much in a constant state of "wtf?" the entire time i watched it. oh and i've gotta agree on the lip syncing, that was really distracting.

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Things I hate = Bad Anime and Zombies
Things I love= Ryan's giggle

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Loved the montage.  Another great TANG video.

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I lol'd when the zombie fell out of the plane...

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Looks like Leon learned some free-running moves from Mirror's Edge.

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They could've gone for a bigger laugh by having the zombies fall down a few seconds later, once they realized they were standing in mid-air.  wah wah wahh waaaaahhhhhh...

Ah well, looking forward to when this comes in my Flix queue.

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Oh, Leon made some really good Jackfaces in this.

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Leon looks angry. ALL the time.

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Guess it could be because Claire is older now, but she doesn't look like she does in RE2. This is the first movie Ryan has talked about that I haven't seen and after this I don't know if I will...

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One terrible movie after another I dont know how you do it man.  Keep it going though your sacrifice is comedic gold.
Oh and that movie looks like it might have thousands of internet memes thanks for that.

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Haha I love this series! Keep it going guys!

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To anyone possibly interested in Degeneration: Do yourself a favor and don't watch it. You will regret it and wish you could unsee a horribly butchered brand that you've come to know and love.

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I like the review.. ;-))))

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Leon Kennedy in...Mirror's Edge 2.

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I love this movie. I think it's the best RE movie than the lousy Milla Jovovich trilogy. Sure, Degeneration had a slow pace and could've used more "punch" as Ryan Davis would like to put it, but overall it was a great movie, it didn't drift away from the source material (Which is always a good thing) and it was made by Capcom so how could you go wrong? This may not be the best video game-based movie ever but it will definitely not be in your top ten worst video game movies of all time (Cough...Uwe Boll!) Plus, Claire Redfield is hot. Four stars!.