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Posted by alsnuts2

I didnt hate this movie. Actually..

Posted by MadExponent

What a blah movie.  I love RE and I held off on this one until a month ago.  VERY BLAAAAH!

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Posted by TIR

Ah, I like Degeneration but I don't like the live action ones am I weird?

Posted by WulfBane

I do kind of have to agree that it was kind of for the better that RE:Extinction partly felt like it was really just set in a Mad Max-esk world that could exist after the Zambie outbreak shown in the previous movies.  The second RE movie was just annoying how it partly felt like it was being TOO MUCH like it was being a corny video game.

Posted by Wildfire570

Honestly I actually liked the 3rd one than the rest of them as well.

Posted by Generic_Ninja

Ryan in a Resident Evil Movie with two hot ladies and he backs out slowly, Rofl

Posted by AURON570

i watched the first two RE movies, but hadn't went out to see this one. oh ryan. the teddy bear was priceless! xD

Posted by MeatSim

Lol, best part was Ryan Davis in the background with a stuffed animal.

Posted by WreckinRodRumbler

Oh boy, delicious TANG!

Posted by TheDoca2

I hated this piece of junk, good review as always though.

Posted by AndrewB

Aaaaaaaand I still have no desire to see this. Actually, I have less desire than before.

Posted by Coolarman

Ryan said "final resident evil film" in sarcasm of course but i just read about Resident Evil: Afterlife so hey there you go more TANG

Posted by RedSox8933

Brilliant ending.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Zambies you say.

Posted by morningdrive

this was actually my favorite of the three. apocalypse was the worst, with some of the worst acting I have ever seen

Posted by RelentlessKnight

Gotta love Vinny's editing and lol'd at the end

Posted by Artie

Mill-ah Jo-va-ich? Is wrong

Me-ah  Yo-ba-vitch. Is right

Posted by Xenos_19

Haha you guys make such great use of Chroma Key Madness - Great TANG!

Posted by lamiafusion

Ryan stepping into the scene was LOLZ

Posted by Tiwi

dude the move felt short when you watch it. i sat down was thought i had been there for about 45 min.
not alot happen in the movie
but it's good (somewhat) :-)

Posted by Cloneslayer

the fucking greatest video moment on giant bomb ever!

Posted by Kombat

Hahahaha, that ending was fucking rad.

Posted by DerekDanahy

That was some awesome TANG.  I lol'd at the final scene with Ryan creeping in the background.  Are we having a Brave Little Toaster video review? :D

Posted by MetalGearSunny

The editing at the end of each TANG is the reason I watch it.

Posted by FlappyHands

Haha, another great edition of TANG. Looking forward to what's on the cards for the next edition.

Posted by JLP

I kept expecting for a zombie to come eat Ryan and his teddy bear

Posted by Death_Burnout

Wow...just wow.

Posted by GiantTarget

Look at all those naked Mila's in bubbles.

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The only thing remotely note-worthy about this terrible movie is the return of the great Russel Mulcahy to theatres. This Australian music video legend practically invented the utter bullshit that is now known as 'music video style' directing.

This guy has visual chops that shame 95% of directing hacks today, yet he till finds himself saddled with garbage like this.

Apart from that, Paul W.S. Anderson should be never make another film ever again. He should stick to making babies with Milla Jovovitch. And let's face it, if I was in that position I'd opt for that myself.

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Resident Evil: Degeneration was a good movie.

Also: That ending was hilarious. MORE RYAN DAVIS IN RE4
Posted by Metal_Mills

LOL that bit with Ryan in the movie was hilarious.

Posted by Qorious

The ending was GiantBombing!!!

Posted by buzz_clik

Domesticated zombies, huh? Bub sends his greetings... *stilted salute*

Posted by CashBailey
@buzz_clik said:
" Domesticated zombies, huh? Bub sends his greetings... *stilted salute* "

True. DAY OF THE DEAD remains the single greatest zombie movie of all time.

Simple as that.
Posted by YetiAntics

That was the best use of the green screen ever!

Posted by cdstacker

I don't know why but I kept expecting to see a naked Ryan inside one of those bubbles at the end.

Posted by teh_destroyer

I loved Ryan with the stuffed animal at the end, lmao.

Posted by squidracerX

Ryan actually did that scene better than Mila! And for some reason the lightning on you was better (CGI and "screen tricks" in movies NEVER use the correct lighting, its like they forget to teach that in film school.

Posted by Double0hFor

f this movie and all the ones before it.....even the ones it will spawn as sequals

Posted by spiceninja

Oh cool, The Brave Little Toaster...wait a minute. Goes to mars? Weak.

Posted by Under_Influenz

haha the ending was hilarious

Posted by spilledmilkfactory
@TIR said:
" Ah, I like Degeneration but I don't like the live action ones am I weird? "
nah, degeneration is more faithful to the spirit of the games. i liked it better than the live action movies too (although i still didn't think it was good.)
Posted by Kou_Leifoh

Another wonderful TANG that is, Mr. Davis.

Posted by Crono

Need moar greenscreening!

Posted by lasafrog

Love me some TANG, and some Ryan, too!

Hate Mila Jovavich though, that is one annoying ugly beast of a skinny "actress".

Also hate Michael Jackson's death. Sucks.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Umbrella's business plan:
1. Create virus to turn Earth population into zombies
2. Domesticate zombies
3. ???
4. Profit

Posted by Origina1Penguin

-- But with zombies!

Posted by Agnogenic_delete
@Generic_Ninja: Yeah, that was hilarious.