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I like how the movie poster has "This Ain't No Game." on it.

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My tiny child brain thought, regardless, this was an awesome movie because it was freaking Mario Bros.  Although I do remember wishing it looked a bit more like World 1-1 rather than futuristic cars and wierdos.  Sigh.... atleast it was original?

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ahhhh refreshing Tang

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T.A.N.G. and the meaning associated with each of its letters has never been so accurate as with this movie.  I am doubtful that this crushing disappointment of a movie can be topped, but I await to be proven wrong.

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I remember not believing this was the mario bros. movies when I saw on tv by accident ...

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The girl at :59 looks like the girl that fell asleep and got all those star tattoos on her face

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Wow...I remember loving this movie, but I was also scared of the goombas when they were on screen...I guess that is just growing up!

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I wanna see my boi Pete Jackson do some epic Super Mario Bros. movie.

Just a dead serious movie not meant to be a comedy, but to fans of the series would be


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I remember this movie coming out the day of my birthday when I was little and I buged my mother for a whole month prior to take me. The day of the release she tells me there is no way we can go because there were riots going on, we were watching the news at the time and I believed her because there were pictures of cars on fire. Only later did I realize that she lied to me so she can stay as far away as humanly possible of a movie theater to skip out on this craptacular masterpiece,

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Awesome TANG! This movie looks really bad

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I am sorry to say ,but you are wrong sir about Pump Up The Volume.The movie is amazing .

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OMG, it's so hiddeous

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this movie blows goats

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Seems like a fun movie

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The Super Mario Brothers movie should have been like The Wizard Of Oz, Alice In Wonderland, Yellow Submarine, or hell if the movie were like The Pagemaster it would have been alright.

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shit it wont load all of this. too bad i wanted to watch it :(

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As much as I love this movie, it is terribad.

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I can't watch more than 22 seconds of this video

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This scared me as a kid... scared me in a BIG way!

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Byb the by, Lance Henrickson is also in the movie. He plays as the true king of the mushroom kingdom...


i actually remember liking this movie

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i remember watching this when i was around 4 years old and thinking "wtf???" absolutely horrible.

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due the wizard next!

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I will say that the look of the film. with it's 80's Robocop, Blade Runner future is kind of cool. There I said it.

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About time you did this one :D
Can't wait to get home and watch this.

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Oh man this movie was horrible.

But I loved it anyway...
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Oh man. I completely forgot about the bo-bom scene.

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I remember seeing this a a kid...and even then going "wtf"

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Yeah that whole movie was.....regrettable.  But I think I can only come up with one question for all the clips shown: why the fuck does that cop/judge guy have a woman rubbing his back with her heel?  Dude must be a major pimp in that movie.

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That is one BAD movie!

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I never realized this is where the TANG title actually comes from :)  I guess it was inevitable that Ryan would get around to this.

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Ugh! I completely forgot about the dance sequences in this movie.  Thanks Ryan for bringing that nightmare up from my memories.   There is so much in this movie that goes wrong...gee, it's been years since I saw "Pump Up the Volume."  I guess I'll have to satisfy my Christain Slater itch by watching "Kuffs" on USA some night.

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XD What's wrong with those Goombas? 

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Way to go Ryan Davis. This movie sucks the big time. Nuff said.

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Usually I get some kind of enjoyment from watching the scenes from the movies Ryan picks out for us to watch, but I didn't enjoy this one at all. This movie is just that bad.

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Its a great movie if you dont tie it to the game. ... ..... ..... imo

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worst movie ever made

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I love this movie!

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We have SOOO many copies of this at the store where I work. They're all like $5 too.

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when i saw this movie was like REALLY???? i was soo young too, i shouldn't have had to be subjected to rape at such a young age :P

i wish i had a shroom kingdom :D i wouldn't sell any i would just have em evry once in awhile with friends. A bitch to get em where i live

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didn't realize that gun ever looked lie a super scope till you pointed it out

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I'm still trying to picture Daisy with the Princess Daisy they use in the games today.

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I remember watching this the first time years ago and I didn't understand shit. The movie was so filthy and weird that it didn't feel like it's intended for kids. Even Bob Hoskins and Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that the movie sucks. End of story.

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OMFG! this actually exists
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@Finis said:
" OMFG! this actually exists "
I really wish it wouldn't but there it is and always will be...
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Destructoid did a great riff-track style commentary on their last podcast. Best takeaways, the movie could have conceivably turned out much the same way if it were directed by a high Terry Gilliam and the ending of the "Dinosaurs" sitcom is one of the saddest things you'll ever see.   
Strangely, watching it while listening to that made the movie surprisingly bearable. If it weren't related to something we all know and love, it may have just been a silly kids adventure movie.

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All I have to say about this movie is this: 
John Leguizamo looks nothing like Luigi! I mean, he doesn't have a freaking mustache. 
Definitely one of the dumbest movies ever made.
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